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How to eat celery: preparing salads, first and second courses

Advise how to eat celery? Recently, I started having stomach problems, and my kidneys began to play pranks. The doctors prescribed me to consume celery daily, but in my rush I forgot to specify in what form. In general, I love greens, especially cilantro, but somehow I didn’t have to try this culture.

how to eat celery As you know, greens are of great benefit to the body. Here and fiber, and a rich composition of trace elements, as well as an original taste and aroma. This also applies to celery – a unique culture that can not only quench your appetite, but also heal. Due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, celery is often used in folk medicine. It serves as a kind of anti-aging agent, or rather, it slows down aging. In addition, regular consumption of the culture can alleviate the condition and help in the complex treatment of certain diseases. These include nervous disorders, diseases of the stomach, kidneys, problems with the eyes, blood pressure and blood vessels. In this regard, the question often arises of how to eat celery. Naturally, for medicinal purposes it is best to use fresh spice, but do not forget about the gastronomic value of the plant. What can be made from celery and how to eat it?

How to eat celery: tops or roots?

It is noteworthy that all parts of this root vegetable are edible. The leaves are added to salads and preserves. Juicy long petioles will serve as a separate dish or also come in handy with a salad. And root varieties will also delight you with large, fragrant fruits. They can be boiled or stewed.

So, as we have already found out, you can eat celery:

  • raw;
  • boiling the fruits;
  • frying the aboveground part.

In addition, fresh juice from the green part of the plant is also used for treatment..

How to eat celery raw?

celery salad The juicy stems make a delicious salad when cut and seasoned with olive oil. You can also add other ingredients to them: celery leaves, lemon juice and spices..

Petioles also serve as a wonderful side dish that you can eat by dipping in:

  • sauces;
  • cream soup;
  • hummus (chickpea puree);
  • peanut butter;
  • salad dressings;
  • yogurt;
  • cream cheese.

How to cook celery?

celery soupBoth fruits and greens can be heat treated. Celery soup cooked in beef broth from root vegetables with the addition of butter will warm you on a cold winter evening.

Frying them in vegetable oil will help soften the fibrous stems. This is how an original side dish for pasta or rice is obtained..

Here it is – celery. With a rich taste and smell, it is able to diversify the menu, and also bring benefits to the body. Buy only fresh vegetables from stores or grow them on your site. And bless you.

Video on how to make celery chops

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