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We drive out irises by March 8: when and how to do it right

All my relatives know that I am not a big fan of flower bouquets, and therefore they try to pamper me with live plants in pots for the holidays. Last year, for example, I received a wonderful blooming iris from my husband. I was engaged in forcing hyacinths, but I did not know that the flowering of irises can also be controlled. Please tell us what are the features of forcing irises by March 8 and when should the bulbs be planted? I want to experiment with this flower.

bulbs with sprouts Blooming hyacinths and tulips in pots have long been used as gifts for Women’s Day, but for some reason, large handsome irises are undeservedly ignored, and completely in vain. With the right approach, it is not difficult to drive out irises by March 8 and it is quite possible even in an apartment.

In order for proud irises to bloom in early spring, you must adhere to specific instructions, which include the following activities:

  • selection and preparation of quality seed material;
  • adherence to landing dates;
  • providing the necessary conditions for forcing.

Preparing the bulbs for forcing

For winter forcing, bulbous types of irises are most often used. Although they are quite demanding on growing conditions, they lend themselves well to controlling growth processes and will delight with their delicate flowers. At home, the following varieties are most often used from bulbous irises:

  • Denford;denford's iris
  • varieties of mesh iris.iris net

Bulbs can be purchased without any problems in flower shops, usually on the packaging of such irises there is an inscription “for distillation”. In addition, street flowers are also suitable for this purpose..

To drive out irises from your flower bed in winter, the bulbs must be dug out before the leaves completely wither, at the beginning of summer. Dried seed material should be stored for a month at a high temperature (up to 30 degrees Celsius), then kept for another month at 20 degrees and the remaining time before planting should be kept in a cool room with a temperature of no higher than 10 degrees.

When to plant?

It is very simple to calculate the timing of planting irises: from the moment of planting and directly to the very flowering, an average of 2.5 months pass (this period may be shortened or prolonged depending on the conditions of plant maintenance).

The irises planted in the third decade of December will bloom in time for March 8.

Conditions for forcing plantsiris sprout

It is better to drive out irises in a greenhouse, where it is possible to control and influence the temperature. This is very important, otherwise it will be difficult to meet the deadlines. After planting the bulbs, they should take root in a cool place, no higher than 12 degrees Celsius. After two weeks, a warmer “weather” should be made, increasing the daytime temperature to 16 degrees, and at night – another 2 degrees higher.

Warmer conditions will bring flowering time closer, while cooler conditions will push it back..

The second most important factor for forcing is good lighting: the length of daylight hours should be at least 14 hours. If there is not enough light for irises, they will slowly develop, and the buds will begin to dry out without opening..

The technology of forcing bulbous plants – video

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