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We split the site and plan the planting relative to the sun

We recently purchased a suburban area of ​​15 acres. On it there is only the house itself, there are no plantings. We are planning to set up a small vegetable garden and a small garden at the dacha. Tell me what is the scheme for planting a garden and trees in relation to the sun, what else needs to be taken into account?

Everyone who has at least a small plot of land must plant it with something – be it garden beds or a small garden. In the case when the site got with already certain places for planting various crops (a permanent place is allocated for a vegetable garden and a garden, there are perennial plantings), nothing needs to be changed much. Is that to replenish the garden with new trees and shrubs and observe the “crop rotation” in the garden.

More fortunate for those who are just planning to equip a garden and vegetable garden. After all, they have the opportunity to competently plan a scheme for planting a vegetable garden and trees in relation to the sun. As you know, the availability of sufficient sunlight is the key to a good harvest in the future. However, there are still important factors that need to be considered when planning a vegetable garden and a garden..

Things to Consider When Developing a Landing Scheme?

location of the site in the sun

When planning a scheme for planting a garden and trees, first of all, you need to take into account which side of the sun the plantings will grow.

For the successful cultivation of vegetables, they need to allocate the sunniest place on the site, preferably on the south side.

Shady areas under the house, near a fence or tall trees can be reserved for feather-grown onions (they can grow in partial shade). Or plant some herbs there.

When drawing up a planting scheme, it is important to take into account not only the location of crops in relation to the sun, but also the following factors:

  1. Plot size. Taking into account the total size of the land plot, they determine how much space can be allocated for a vegetable garden and a garden. If the total area is small, and the first task is to set up a vegetable garden, it makes no sense to plant a lot of fruit trees. They can “take away” a place from other crops, since one adult tree with a spreading crown needs at least 4 sq.m. squares.
  2. General relief. The ideal terrain would be flat or a small slope. Avoid places where water stagnates – both vegetable and garden crops will feel bad there.
  3. Soil condition. Each crop, both vegetable and fruit trees, has its own requirements for the condition of the soil, but one requirement they have in common is that the soil must be fertile..
  4. The presence of winds. In an open area, you should create a shelter for plantings from the wind, which is capable of causing damage to the future harvest..

Planting plan recommendations

perimeter garden diagram

The most common is the square or rectangular form of planting plantings, in which the number of beds in the garden is determined depending on the size of the plot.

scheme of planting a vegetable garden between trees

Berry bushes can be planted near the garden. For planting red currants and gooseberries, well-lit dry places are taken away, and black currants can be placed in a more humid place. In the sun, but separately from other shrubs, raspberries are planted, as they grow very much and can drown out neighboring plantings.

scheme garden and vegetable garden separately

Each group (trees, shrubs, vegetables) needs to take its place, you should not mix them. Growing trees will eventually take away all the sunlight from the vegetables or strawberries growing under them, and they will no longer produce crops. Therefore, the garden is laid aside from the garden..

The correct layout of the site – video

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