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How to make money in the garden and what to grow for sale?

I have a plot of 20 acres near the dacha. The next year I decided to make money on it. Tell me what to grow in the garden for sale in order to earn?

Nowadays, people are increasingly faced with the question of how to get additional income, and sometimes even a job. Happy owners of a land plot need not think too much. To earn money, you can grow vegetables and fruits for sale in the garden.

The nuances of business from the garden


Before planting a garden in order to make a profit, you should pay attention to some of the features of earning from the garden:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to decide which crops to plant – many, but one, or a little, but different. When choosing crops for planting, the size of the land plot is of great importance – in order for the profit to be tangible, it must be at least 20 acres. On a smaller plot, it is simply not possible to grow a lot, and, accordingly, not to earn. Although, if the garden is small, you can plant one type of plant, for example, onions are the most popular product in the spring..
  2. Since this will be seasonal work, you will have to come up with something else for the winter..
  3. For the moment to receive profit from the garden, you will need to spend a lot of physical effort, while you should not count on a large profit in the first year, because you will need to spend on seeds, fertilizers, etc..
  4. It is also worth considering the possibility of watering the garden, because this will affect the yield..
  5. An important factor will be the composition of the soil and the location of the garden. The yield also depends on the fertility of the soil, and not everyone has plots with black soil. In addition, early vegetables planted without greenhouses in the northern regions will not give much profit, or even die altogether..
  6. You need to think in advance about transportation and decide how to export the crop for sale. The most optimal packaging option will be cardboard boxes, nets or trays, depending on the type of crop grown..
  7. You need to find a sales market: sell in person at the counter, give to dealers, or negotiate with a store on the supply of vegetables and fruits.

How much and what to plant?


Many are engaged in the cultivation of greens for sale with a conveyor: onions, parsley, dill. Or planted early cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as radishes. If you plant tomatoes with a stock, seedlings are also sold.

You can plant all or most of the garden with a single vegetable. It would be a good idea to start with potatoes – and they are stored for a long time, and there will be no problems with implementation. If the start-up capital allows, it would be nice to purchase a walk-behind tractor to facilitate manual labor. By the way, it will come in handy when growing other crops..


Another option is strawberries. But it is worth considering that after three years the strawberries are degenerating, so you will either have to plant the bushes again (you can grow the seedlings yourself), or change the culture you are selling.


And after the strawberries, it is good to plant the garlic. Garlic is not very demanding in care, it is well stored, and the price for sale is decent..


The most popular berries are:

  • currant;
  • blackberry;
  • raspberries;
  • gooseberry.


There are always enough offers on the berry market, but the assortment is in short supply. In addition, some varieties (for example, remontant raspberries) are capable of producing crops already in the first year of cultivation..

Berry bushes can be planted around the perimeter of the garden, leaving its center over garlic or potatoes.

How to make money in the country and in the garden watch the video

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