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How to make plum seasoning for the winter – learning how to make tkemali and satsebeli

Tell me how to make plum seasoning for the winter? Recently I went to a friend’s house, and she was engaged in conservation and gave me an amazing sauce to try. I didn’t even realize that there were plums, but I felt a bright bouquet of spicy herbs and garlic right away. I just forgot to ask for a recipe while talking and didn’t even ask for a name. What is this miracle and how to do it? Plums have just ripened in the garden.

how to make plum seasoning for the winter Juicy fragrant plums are suitable not only for winter compotes and jams. They also make a very tasty and unusual sauce for meat and more. All Georgian housewives know by heart how to make plum seasoning for the winter. It is there that the birthplace of this amazing dish is located. Plums slightly soften the pungent notes of garlic and hot pepper and add a unique sweet sourness that tomatoes do not have. A bouquet of spicy herbs completes the aroma of Georgian sauce.

How to make plum seasoning for the winter

plum sauce Russian hostesses have also appreciated the Georgian cuisine and are happy to make various plum dishes. Some of the most popular are tkemali and satsebeli sauces. Tkemali is traditionally made with plums. But satsebeli in the vastness of our homeland is mainly prepared from tomatoes. Only they will not give the sauce that unique sweet and sour taste. But plums make a wonderful seasoning, besides, they go better with nuts – one of the main ingredients of the dish..

It is better to cook the sauce in a cast-iron pot or at least an enamel saucepan. Do not use aluminum cookware. The density of the seasoning depends on the cooking time: the thicker it should be, the longer it takes to boil.

Plum tkemali with garlic and herbs

tkemaliThe classic recipe requires the presence of marshmint. However, our usual peppery one will quite cope with the task of a foreigner. And here are two more obligatory herbs, cilantro and hops – sunelli, not difficult to find on the market.

Having bought and picked spices, you can start preparing the seasoning:

  1. Peel the plums (3 kg). Sprinkle them on top with a little sugar (3 tbsp is enough) and leave to let the fruit juice.
  2. Bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes. Wipe.
  3. Put on the stove again and boil until the mass thickens. Should be 3 times smaller.
  4. Add chopped fresh herbs (10 g mint, 20 g hops – sunelli, 200 g cilantro).
  5. Put chopped garlic (2 heads) and hot pepper (2 pcs.).
  6. Sprinkle salt (4 tablespoons) and sugar (0.5 tablespoons) in the puree.

Boil for another quarter of an hour and roll up.

Pungent plum sauce satsebeli with nuts

satsebeliFor seasoning, it is better to use pink or blue plums – they will give it a beautiful color. If only white fruits are available, you can take them, only the sauce will then be light. It is worth buying curry from the store beforehand, and the rest of the ingredients will always be found in the kitchen, in the vegetable garden and in the garden..

Plum satsebeli is prepared simply and rather quickly – the whole procedure will take less than 2 hours:

  1. Wash and select seeds from fruits (2 kg).
  2. Peel 100 g of garlic.
  3. Cut and peel the seeds of the chili peppers to make 50g of the hot vegetable.
  4. Peel walnuts (200 g).
  5. Scroll everything in a meat grinder (nuts, garlic, plums).
  6. Salt (1 tbsp. L.), Add sugar (8 tbsp. L.).
  7. Sprinkle spices: curry (20 g), black pepper (1 tablespoon).

It remains only to let the mass boil and boil for 30 minutes, then roll up.

Tkemali with plums and tomato paste – video

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