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Leaves fall off the money tree – saving a symbol of financial well-being

Help with advice: the leaves are falling off the money tree, what should I do to save the flower? We left with the child to my grandmother in another city for a month, our dad looked after the plants. Upon arrival, I conducted an audit, as if no one had dried up, but my tree began to lose leaves. Half are already soft and crumbling. What is it and how can I help? There was a gorgeous bush, and soon there will be only sticks.

the leaves of the money tree are falling The thick trunk and fleshy leaves of the fat woman, reminiscent of elongated coins, look unusual and beautiful. In general, this type of succulent is not particularly capricious, but sometimes it can cause chagrin with sudden leaf fall. If the leaves of the money tree are falling, what should be done to prevent the branches from being completely exposed? This question is especially relevant, because often after the loss of foliage, the bush itself begins to disappear. The shoots either dry up or become soft and rot. It is important to determine in a timely manner what caused this phenomenon, and take measures to save the flower.

Possible causes of leaf fall in a fat woman

Most often, you can find out what the problem is by the appearance of a tree or leaves. Foliage can fall in such cases:

  1. Excessive lighting. Brown spots appear on the leaf blade. Over time, she loses her turgor and dies.sunburn
  2. Lack of moisture. Leaves become lethargic, turn yellow, fall off.lack of moisture
  3. Excess moisture. Outwardly healthy, green and hard leaves are showered. But the bush itself begins to fade and rot.excess moisture
  4. “Overfeeding” a flower with fertilizers.overfeeding with fertilizers

The lower leaves can fall off for no reason, but only in very old specimens. If as a result of this the shoots are too bare, you can rejuvenate the plant by cutting them. The flower tolerates a haircut well and after it actively releases side branches. And the cut tops will serve as an excellent planting material for reproduction..

The leaves of the money tree are falling – what to do with the plant

If you notice fallen leaves on the windowsill, carefully examine them, as well as the plant itself. Sunburn is clearly visible on the leaf plates, and the pot itself is on the south window? Reposition it immediately. It is especially important to avoid direct sunlight in spring and summer when the sun is brighter..

Now about watering. With a lack of moisture and dry soil, everything is clear: water the tree, or even better – spray at the same time. Gradually, the leaves will restore turgor and stop crumbling. In the future, try not to allow the soil to completely dry out. A fat woman may not withstand such frequent stress and simply will not “go away” after overdrying at one moment..

Use only standing water for irrigation, never cold..

transferWith an excess of moisture, you need to act differently, because the root system could also suffer. We’ll have to get the bush out of the pot and examine the roots to see if rotting has begun. If rot is detected, fungicide treatment will be required. It is advisable to replace the soil in any case. This also applies to excessive enthusiasm for feeding. The soil in which a lot of fertilizers have accumulated must be changed. And do not forget that the root system of the fat woman is superficial and the flower does not need large deep flowerpots. Moreover, the soil in them remains moist longer and there is a risk of disease..

How to save a fat woman whose leaves are falling – video

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