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How to keep a bouquet of roses in a vase fresh for a long time?

For the anniversary, my husband presented a large bouquet of dark red roses. These are my favorite flowers. I really want to keep their beauty as long as possible. Tell me what to add to the water to keep the roses in the vase longer?

As you know, roses are fast-fading flowers. But you really want to admire their beauty as long as possible! There are quite a few ways to keep cut roses fresh by adding various preparations to a vase of water. But this is not all – it is also important to properly prepare the bouquet for placement in a vase and take care of it, otherwise no preparations will help prolong the life of the roses. But the implementation of all the necessary recommendations will allow you to admire the queen of flowers for at least 2 more weeks or more.

roses in a vase

Preparing a bouquet for a vase

When buying flowers, roses are carefully examined. What you need to pay attention to so that the rose does not wilted immediately?

how to choose the right rose

Before putting the roses in a vase, it is necessary to leave the flowers brought from the street (in the cold season) to lie on a flat surface for 30 minutes – so that they get used to the climate change. Then disassemble the bouquet and leave only roses for the vase, without additional plants, since “the queen does not tolerate competition”.

oblique cut on a rose

Further preparation consists of the following activities:

  1. Compare the length of the rose and the height of the vase. Remove thorns and leaves that may become covered in water after the roses are in the vase to prevent them from rotting in the water.
  2. Cut each flower diagonally (and do this by immersing the rose in water so that no air gets into the cut). In the place of the cut, make another additional cut crosswise. This will help the rose to “drink” the required amount of water..
  3. Submerge the roses in water to at least half the height of the stem and place the vase in a cool place with diffused light. The water for the vase must be boiled, and rainwater and tap water must be defended. Choose a vase according to the “height of the bouquet”.
  4. Add one of the means to the water that will help keep the bouquet alive for as long as possible..

What to add to the water to keep the roses in the vase longer

preparations for water

In flower shops, along with the bouquet, you can buy special preparations added to the water to increase the preservation of roses. But what to do if the bouquet was presented and there are no such preparations at hand? Here, no less effective, and most importantly, always available means will come to the rescue, which almost always and everyone has on the farm. So, roses will last longer if you add to the vase:

  • ammonia (drop a couple of drops into a vase and wait a little);
  • sugar (2 tsp per liter of water);
  • aspirin (1 tablet per vase);
  • bleach for clothes (a couple of drops);
  • potassium permanganate (0.5 tsp);
  • vinegar;
  • alcohol or vodka;
  • citric acid (on the tip of a knife);
  • Activated carbon.

It is also recommended to put a silver coin at the bottom of the vase. There are many more different ways, but besides this, you need to take care of a vase of flowers every day..

Daily manipulation of the vase

So that the water does not stagnate and bacteria do not develop in it, it is changed every day. In this case, the roses themselves should be washed, sprayed and slightly trimmed the stem..

When spraying, you need to make sure that water does not get inside the bud, as this will lead to its decay.

Once every two to three days, wash the vase well in a solution of water and soda.

hot water rehabilitation

If the wilting process was still started, you can try to reanimate the roses: after trimming the tips of the stems, lower them into good hot water and hold until the buds rise and the leaves freshen.

An extreme way to bring back life to a withered rose, video

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