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A few words about planting and caring for climbing roses

My husband gave me a birthday present and built a small gazebo. I want to plant climbing roses near her. Tell me how to properly plant and care for climbing roses?

rose on the arch Curly roses grow on almost every site, because they not only look beautiful, but can also ennoble even the most unsightly corner, be it an outbuilding or an old fence. What can we say about the gazebos, covered with fragrant multi-colored shrubs – on hot summer evenings it is so pleasant to spend time in them, enjoying the view and inhaling a subtle scent.

Planting climbing roses and caring for them, in principle, do not require special, special knowledge, but some nuances still need to be taken into account.

Where and when is it better to plant roses

Roses love good lighting, they then grow quickly and bloom actively, so the best place for a shrub would be the southwestern part of the garden or courtyard. But it is desirable that the sun does not illuminate the area all day, since with prolonged exposure to the rays, the leaves and inflorescences can dry out and lose their color.

You can not plant plants on the corner of the house, where there are drafts, and in marshy areas..

Saplings take root equally well:

  1. In spring, when landing in early May.
  2. In autumnno later than October.

Preparing seedlings for planting

planting pruning

Purchased roses with an open root system should be placed in water for a day. Before planting, remove the leaves, buds below the grafting site, and also cut the roots and the seedling itself, leaving about 30 cm.Treat the cut points on the roots with a solution of copper sulfate.

How to properly plant a climbing rose

planting a rose

The landing site must be prepared in advance:

  • 2 weeks before planting, add humus, peat and, if necessary, lime;
  • dig up.

A planting hole should be dug 50 * 50 cm in size. When planting bushes in rows between them, you must leave a distance of at least 1.5 m and the same amount in the aisles. If climbing roses are planted near a fence or a wall, you need to retreat 50 cm.The same distance should be before the support when planting at the gazebo.

The rose grafting site should be deepened into the soil by 10 cm.

Place the seedling in the prepared planting hole, spread the roots and sprinkle it halfway with soil. Then water the rose well and add the required amount of soil. After planting, spud or surround with spruce branches.

Further care of roses

roses bloom

Climbing roses need timely care, namely:

  1. Watering. It is enough to moisten the soil under the bush once a week, pouring out at least 10 liters of water, and then loosen the soil or cover it with mulch.
  2. Top dressing. If manure was introduced during planting, it will only be necessary to fertilize the roses next year. To do this, in the spring, feed the roses twice with ammonium nitrate (after removing the shelter and again after 2 weeks). During the period of bud formation, apply complex mineral fertilizers, and before flowering – organic matter. When the rose blooms, apply complex preparations again, and in the fall – superphosphate and potassium salt.
  3. Pruning. In addition to sanitary pruning, in roses that bloom once a season, after flowering, last year’s shoots should be cut. But in varieties that differ in repeated flowering, such branches can be removed no earlier than after 3 years..
  4. Tying. In order for the bush to have a beautiful shape, it is imperative to establish a support and tie up the shoots in a timely manner, while laying them in the desired position.
  5. Preparing for winter. Climbing roses in winter need extra cover. To do this, the bushes must be removed from the support and pinned to the ground..

Secrets of growing climbing roses, video

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