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These mysterious lilac roses

In my small rose garden, I grow exclusively roses with an unusual color. Until recently, the main attraction of the flower garden was the black rose. Now I am eager to buy a lilac rose. Tell me what popular varieties there are with this color of flowers?lilac roses

Lilac roses are a vast group of plants, which includes a wide variety of types of roses, ranging from hybrid tea to the same numerous group as shrabs. Flowers have one feature in common – they have a color that is not characteristic of roses. Unlike the usual red, white, yellow or pink colors, these roses have a lilac color. They are also called blue or purple, depending on the predominant shade..

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How unusual roses appeared?

The original color of the inflorescences was achieved as a result of selection, so all lilac roses are definitely hybrids. It is said that this color is based on a special gene that stains pansies..

When growing roses, it must be borne in mind that in the sun they lose their rich color. The most optimal landing site will be the area that falls into partial shade after lunch..

Popular representatives of lilac roses

Among the flowers with such an amazing coloring, there are both new varieties, bred after 2000, and older ones, known since the end of the 18th century. So, the most famous representatives of lilac roses are varieties:

  1. Blue Nile. A hybrid tea bush with an average height of about 1 m. The shoots are strongly studded, the flower is very large (up to 20 cm in diameter), in most cases it is located alone on the shoot, sometimes 3 roses are included in the inflorescence. Long flowering, accompanied by a strong aroma. After the full opening of the bud, the color becomes lighter.blue nile
  2. Blue Rhapsody. The fragrant, profusely blooming scrub rose grows over 1 m in height. The inflorescences are lush, yellow stamens are clearly visible in the center of the flowers. At the beginning of flowering, roses are deep purple in color, then they acquire a gray-lilac color. The color is also influenced by weather conditions..blue rhapsody
  3. Cardinal de Richelieu. Tall bush, flowering once, but long (more than a month). Roses of medium size, fragrant, dark purple, arranged in three in one inflorescence, sometimes in a single quantity.cardinal de richelieu
  4. Novalis. Floribunda rose, grows as a dense bush about 80 cm in height.It blooms 2-3 times during the season. The buds are large, very full, form lush, but small inflorescences, while there are several of them on one branch. Color pale lilac.novalis
  5. Orion. A compact, low bush (no more than 30 cm in height) from the group of spray roses, abundantly strewn with medium double flowers of a delicate lilac color.

Video about Park Rose Blue Velvet

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