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How to grow a tangerine from a seed: selection, preparation and planting of seeds

Tell me how to grow a tangerine from a bone? Once I already tried to do this, even the sprouts hatched, but the seedling “died safely” after a while. I think the reason is in the soil – I planted it in a peat mixture. In what substrate is it better to plant a bone and how to properly care for a plant?

how to grow a tangerine from a bone A compact, lush tree with shiny green leaves can often be found in tubs in apartments. Mandarin has long ceased to be an exotic plant and is successfully cultivated at home. It is unpretentious, feels good indoors and does not impose any special requirements on flower growers. In addition, it will not be a problem to get planting material, because fragrant fruits are sold in supermarkets all year round. Of course, you can buy a ready-made grafted seedling in the nursery, but such an opportunity is not always available. But seed reproduction is a method available to everyone. And today we will tell you in detail how to grow a tangerine from a bone.

When planning to get yourself a tangerine pet, be prepared to wait. The plant, although beautiful, develops rather slowly. It will take at least several years to get a small bush or tree..

How to choose and prepare seeds?

seed preparation Tangerine seeds have good germination. The most important thing is that they must be alive (not wrinkled and thin, but plump and round), and taken from a ripe fruit. It is believed that any seeds can be planted. In general, this is true, but in order to at least slightly accelerate the growth processes, it is better to adhere to some recommendations, namely:

  1. For planting, use citrus seeds purchased in the autumn-winter period. At this time, the tangerine bears fruit according to the natural growing cycle..
  2. Hybrid varieties of mandarin multiply more easily and faster by seeds. They sprout and grow more actively, and differ from simple types of fruit in a large number of seeds inside..

Immediately after cleaning the fruit, the bones must be washed in hydrogen peroxide in order to disinfect. Then put in a cloth bag, moisten it abundantly with water and leave for several days. This procedure will help speed up germination..

What soil and dishes to plant?

soil and potMandarin is a plant that does not feel comfortable in too light soil. The latter dries up quickly, and the tree will constantly experience a moisture deficit, which it loves so much. To grow tangerines, it is better to use universal mixtures with neutral acidity or make similar ones yourself by mixing:

  • in equal parts humus and deciduous soil;
  • adding to them 1 part of sand.

It is necessary to avoid substrates that contain peat, since mandarin will not grow in an acidic environment..

As for the dishes, for the first time small pots with a depth of about 10 cm or plastic glasses are suitable..

How to grow a tangerine from a bone?

tangerines on the windowPrepared bones (preferably several pieces at once) can be planted in the ground. Unlike most indoor plants, tangerines do not need to create greenhouse conditions for germination. This weakens his immunity and requires further adaptation to conditions outside the shelter. It is enough just to put the pot on a light windowsill and water it regularly.

After the emergence of seedlings and the formation of 4 leaflets on them, the seedlings can be planted (if the seeds were planted in a common container). It is important to water the plants on time, preventing the soil from drying out, and spray periodically. Mandarin is demanding on light and warmth, which is worth taking care of. As the tree grows and its root system, the bush should be transferred annually to a more spacious container..

Upon reaching the age of 8, it is enough to carry out such a procedure once every 2-3 years..

A tangerine tree lends itself well to formation, for which it is pinched and cut off, giving the crown a beautiful and lush appearance. And to get edible sweet fruits, the plant must be grafted using a cutting from a fruiting tangerine. Thus, it is quite possible and not too difficult to grow a decorative and fruiting indoor tangerine from a stone. Paying a little attention to it, you will get not only a gorgeous lush tree, but also fragrant fruits.

Video about growing tangerine from seeds

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