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Viking grapes – description of the variety, photo of one of the best early hybrids

Tell me when the berries ripen in such a species as Viking grapes, a description of the variety, a photo of bunches I would especially like to see. I like table white varieties, but my wife prefers blue ones. I decided to please her and plant an early variety with this color. The choice fell on the Viking, I read a lot of reviews about his excellent taste. That’s just a little embarrassing that we live in the suburbs. What is the winter hardiness of the variety and will it grow in our conditions?

viking grape variety description photo If you want to get the earliest harvest of sweet and large berries, plant at least one Viking bush on the site. Viking grapes, a description of the variety, a photo of the harvest will only confirm your choice. Although the bunches are not particularly large, the grapes in them are large, beautiful, deep blue, with fleshy and sweet pulp. In general, everything that a table variety needs, this species definitely has.

Viking grapes – description of the variety, photo

Viking grape variety A hybrid variety for table use was bred by Ukrainian breeders. It was intended primarily for growing outdoors in warm southern regions. And the main goal was to get an early harvest, and it succeeded – the grapes ripen in just 100 days, in early August.

The declared winter hardiness of the variety is at the level of 21 ° C of frost, therefore, in the middle zone of our homeland, it should be covered for the winter. Without shelter, the vine and fruit buds freeze too much. And in colder regions it is even better to grow Viking in greenhouses..

The variety cannot boast of high resistance to diseases. The grape has a weak immunity to the common diseases of the culture: mildew and mildew. However, timely preventive treatment will help avoid these problems..

Plant characteristic

viking vineThe bush itself is distinguished by high growth vigor, which is already demonstrated by young seedlings. They quickly take root and give a good increase over the season. And in a couple of years they already turn into a spreading bush with large leaves.

The variety, although thermophilic, does not like heat, and especially if there are sharp drops. In the years when the temperature “swing” is observed in summer, the quality of the crop decreases – the berries become smaller. Doesn’t like Viking and waterlogging, and in a rainy summer the grapes crack.

The undoubted advantage of the hybrid is that it is self-pollinated. In addition, he himself can serve as a pollinator for other varieties..

Taste qualities

a bunch of viking grapesDespite the whimsical nature of the bush itself, the taste of the berries overshadows all negative aspects. Large, elongated grapes do not weigh less than 10 g, and they are all almost the same size. At the beginning of ripening, the berries are purple, by the time of collection they turn dark blue. At the same time, the Viking’s pulp is very juicy, fleshy and light. The dense skin protects it from wasps, but during use it is almost not felt. But it allows you to transport grapes over long distances. And even more than a month to be on the vine after ripening without shedding.

The hybrid will not please with high yields, because it often depends on weather conditions. With the right agricultural technique, you can achieve bunches weighing 1 kg, but their average weight is usually no more than 600 g..

Pros and cons of the variety

viking grapes variety description photo pros and consOf the advantages of the Viking, it is worth highlighting, first of all:

  • great taste;
  • lack of peas and damage by wasps;
  • early maturity;
  • high growth rates;
  • transportability;
  • self-fertility.

Not without drawbacks, among which:

  • average resistance to disease and frost;
  • poor productivity;
  • cracking of berries when waterlogged.

Viking grape video review

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