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The leader of table varieties is Furor grapes, description of the variety, photo

Please tell us how winter-hardy Furor grapes are, the description of the variety, the photo of the bunches is especially interesting to see. I want to buy seedlings of early table species in the fall, a friend advised this particular variety. He grows with him, only in the south, and we live in the suburbs. Will the grapes withstand our winters, and what is their yield?

grapes furor variety description photo Table grapes are prized for their excellent sweet taste and large fruit. And if it is still early and resistant to diseases, then it only plays into the hands of winegrowers. It is these qualities that the Furor grape possesses, the description of the variety, the photo of which is familiar to many culture connoisseurs. Under the blue-black skin of large grapes, there is a very, very juicy and sweet pulp with an original taste. The main purpose of growing Furora is its use. However, such grapes also produce excellent wines and juices with a rich taste and beautiful color..

Furor grapes – description of the variety, photo

grapes furor In this variety, everything is in abundance: tall, spreading shrubs, and rapid growth, and many clusters with large berries. The hybrid variety Furor is one of the most beloved types of table grapes, and it has something to be proud of. Young saplings have a high survival rate and quickly build up young growth. Adult shrubs reach more than 5 m in height, while forming a spreading dense crown. The plants have very beautiful foliage: dark green, with jagged carved edges, it casts a slight glossy shine.

The sweetest and most abundant harvest is obtained in warmer regions. But the hybrid has good winter hardiness, as for a table variety – the bushes can withstand up to minus 25 ° C. This makes it possible to grow Furor even in the middle lane, however, in this case, it needs to be covered for the winter. But in terms of resistance to diseases, the variety is clearly in the lead. He is rarely affected by powdery mildew, mildew and other diseases from which the culture suffers..

Thanks to the accelerated growth processes, the young vine ripens in 3 months. Thus, it is possible to minimize losses from wintering and possible freezing.

Taste qualities

yield and taste of grapes furorFuror begins to bloom at the end of spring and already closer to the end of summer you can harvest. The early variety is ready to be harvested in the last decade of July, because it only needs 105 days to fully ripen..

It is interesting that the hybrid “made a splash” not so much by the size of the bunches, but by the size of the berries themselves. With a total average weight of a bunch of up to 1 kg, the weight of each grape in it is at least 30, or even all 40 g. At the same time, its length reaches 4 cm.The berries are covered with a thin but strong skin, which, when fully ripe, turns purple-black Colour. They do not crumble and can hang on the bushes for a long time..

But the furore’s flesh is light, juicy and fleshy, and only a couple of seeds inside. Its sugar content is at the level of 22%, and the sourness is practically not felt, because the acidity does not exceed 7 g / l. When eating ripe berries, a nutmeg aftertaste is felt, which gives the variety of originality.

Pros and cons of the variety

grapes furor description of the variety photo pros and consThe Furor grape “consists” of some advantages, because it will delight you:

  • early, large and sweet harvest;
  • high transportability due to the dense skin (by the way, it also serves as a good protection of sweet pulp from wasps);
  • good winter hardiness and excellent disease resistance;
  • survival rate and strength of growth.

As for the shortcomings, connoisseurs of the variety note only one. This is the need for mandatory load adjustment. Due to the high yield, the bush forms too many ovaries. And if the grapes are not cut or pinned, this will lead to crushing of the berries. In addition, the vine simply cannot withstand the weight of a large number of bunches and will break.

Video review of Furor grapes

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