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The best uncovered grapes for the Moscow region – varieties with high winter hardiness

Advise which one is better to plant non-covering grapes for the Moscow region, varieties with a short description, if possible. We moved here for permanent residence from the south, my husband was offered a job. So, we are gradually settling in, we bought a small house with a plot, they did not specifically want an apartment for the children to live in the air. We planted a dozen fruit trees, and there is still a free area. I want to plant grapes in him. The soil here is good, black soil, but it’s very cold in winter. Which varieties are best for growing?

uncovered grapes for the Moscow region varieties Grapes have always been considered a southern crop, and the richest harvest could be obtained in warm climates with long and hot summers. But thanks to the work of breeders today there are many types of crops that successfully grow and bear fruit in the middle lane. Uncovered grapes for the Moscow region are especially appreciated, the varieties of which are distinguished by high winter hardiness and short ripening periods. It is not difficult to grow them, it is easy to take care of them. And the berries in their taste are not inferior to the classic thermophilic varieties. What you need to focus on when choosing such crops?

Grape selection criteria for regions with difficult climates

which grapes are best for the Moscow region The Moscow region and the Moscow region are distinguished primarily by unstable climatic conditions. In late spring, when everything is blooming around, decent frosts can return and deprive grapes and other plants of the ovary. And summer, real, hot, often lasts only two months, and in August there are prolonged rains with a decrease in temperature. Winter with its 30-degree frosts will not please either. All this should be taken into account when planning to grow grapes..

So, varieties for such a climate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a short maturation time. Mostly super-early and early species have time to fully mature. The first ones are harvested in August, and the second ones – in September..
  2. It is best if they are non-covering. And the complexity lies not only in the procedure for constructing the shelter, but in the instability of the weather. After frosts, thaws come to the Moscow region, and covering varieties run the risk of becoming sick or sick.
  3. Possess increased frost resistance (at least minus 25 ° C), the reason for which is already clear.

For cold regions, technical, rather than table, grapes are most suitable. It can withstand frost better and is easier to care for. In addition, it maintains yield indicators even in unfavorable conditions. Table varieties are more demanding and thermophilic..

Non-covering grapes for the Moscow region – varieties

The following grape varieties ideally meet the above conditions:

  1. Amursky is a technical variety, the berries are blue, sweet and sour, ripen in September. Withstands frosts down to minus 43 °, but if it freezes, it quickly recovers due to the high strength of growth.Amur grape variety
  2. Victoria is a technical variety used mainly for winemaking due to its sweet berries with a nutmeg aroma. The grapes are dark pink, ripen by August. Frost resistance of the variety at the level of 26 ° С frost.grape variety victoria
  3. Valiant is a versatile variety with dark blue berries ripening at the end of August. Can withstand 45 ° C of frost, has high adaptive properties.grape variety Valiant
  4. Crystal is an early technical grade with immunity to fungal diseases and rot. The yellow berries are sweet, although not large. Frost resistance at minus 30 ° С.crystal grape variety
  5. Moscow White is a versatile early variety that ripens in 110 days. The berries are yellow-green, with a slight sourness. Disease resistant, can withstand minus 27 ° С.Moscow white grape variety

All these varieties hibernate without shelter, but only when the bushes are already strong. The first couple of years after planting, young seedlings must be protected from frost.

Video review of winter-hardy grape varieties

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