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Growing grapes with cuttings at home – a short guide for beginner winegrowers

Tell us how grapes are grown by cuttings at home. When is it better to harvest cuttings and is it possible to cut the vine for the winter? We are going to visit distant relatives in the fall, they have good table varieties, they are not sold in our nurseries. If I take cuttings from them, where to store them until spring?

cultivation of grapes by cuttings at home A seedling of good varietal grapes with a developed root system costs good money. For this amount, you can buy a whole bunch of cuttings, and even better – if you already have grapes that need to be propagated. Breeding grapes with cuttings at home is the best way to acquire a large number of new plants in a short time. You will get a lot of planting material after pruning the vineyard. So you can save a lot. In addition, bushes grown from cuttings will begin to bear fruit a year earlier. When grafting in the open field, you will receive a full-fledged seedling only by autumn. And if you root the shanks indoors in early spring, then by the summer they will already grow roots..

Breeding grapes with cuttings at home

grape cuttings The highest percentage of survival and obtaining viable seedlings at the output is the rooting of lignified cuttings. Green cuttings are more of a hassle and most of the shanks usually die during germination. They are rooted in the summer, and the green vine requires constant control of the humidity level, which is problematic at this time due to hot weather..

Cuttings from mature vines are stronger, they root better and develop faster. But provided that the vine was prepared and planted on time and stored correctly.

Experienced growers practice spring rooting of cuttings. But they are harvested in the fall. Of course, you can immediately plant planting material in the school in the fall, but the result will be many times worse. Some of the cuttings that did not have time to rest and ripen will die from weakness, and the rest will be “finished off” by the frost. Therefore, it is best to cut the vine in the fall, in order to root it in cups in early spring..

When to harvest cuttings for growing grapes

timing of harvesting cuttingsAs already noted, the vine should not only be good, but fully ripen and accumulate a sufficient supply of nutrients. They will “feed” the future seedling and give it strength to grow roots and new shoots.

It is recommended to harvest cuttings after the first frost, at the end of autumn. To do this, select a mature vine with a diameter of at least 8 mm, preferably its lower part (1/3 of the total length). If possible, store the entire cut shoot. Or immediately cut it into cuttings, each of which should have at least 3 buds.

How and where to store cuttings

The material should be stored in a cool place until spring. Then he will pass a dormant period, like the vine on the bushes in the vineyards. And so that the shoots do not disappear and do not rot, treat them with copper sulfate and dry well after that.

Moisture loss can be prevented by “plugging” the cut with a paraffin plug. To do this, dip the tips of the cuttings in molten paraffin..

There are several ways to store grape cuttings until rooting, using for this:

  1. Basement. Place the vine in boxes and cover it with wet sand, or simply stick it in a bucket of sand. You can simply wrap the cuttings in foil and put on the shelf..storing cuttings in the basement in the sand
  2. Fridge. This method is suitable if there is no basement, and there are few cuttings. Roll them up in plastic and place them on the bottom shelf..storing cuttings in the refrigerator
  3. Open ground. Dig a trench, put the prepared cuttings in it and cover it with earth. If the winters are cold, additionally cover the trench.storage of cuttings in winter in a trench

Cuttings are stored until the end of winter, and in February you can get and root them. Use cut plastic bottles with a capacity of at least 1 liter for this. But first, soak the grapes in water for a day so that it wakes up faster. Place the planted cuttings in a warm and bright place. And closer to the beginning of summer, the seedlings can already be planted in the ground for permanent residence.

How to prepare and root grape cuttings for propagation

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