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What soil does rhododendron like and where is it better to plant

Tell me, what kind of soil does the rhododendron like? My husband brought a seedling in a container, now I’m thinking what to do with it. Our soil is not very good, with an admixture of clay, it probably will not suit the plant. What can be added to the hole? So I want the bush to take root, I have dreamed of this for a long time. And one more question: where is it better to plant, in the sun or in the shade?

what kind of soil does rhododendron like

Rhododendrons are taken to grow the most desperate gardeners and for good reason, because this culture is quite demanding. Originally from warm regions, the plant does not feel very comfortable in our climate. In addition, it is worth considering what kind of soil the rhododendron loves. It is not uncommon for an established seedling to become capricious after a couple of years: it refuses to bloom, weakly grows its crown. And one of the reasons for this behavior is precisely the unsuitable soil. Ordinary garden land for a shrub is not suitable, be it the most fertile, because it has one small, but very important requirement. In addition, guessing with the planting site is important for flowering. So what does a rose bush need??

What kind of soil does rhododendron like

rhododendron under mulch To begin with, in the garden soil, the flower may well take root and even please with its small growth for one or two seasons, but no more. After the first wintering, it will become clear that the plant is bad. And this is due, first of all, to the fact that the bush needs acidic soil. Agree, it is not available in every garden, much more often we have black soil, sandstones and clay. The last two options are not at all suitable for rhododendrons..

There are two options for making the land ideally suited to the requirements of the culture. Both of them provide for the replacement of soil from the planting pit.. So, you can:

  1. Buy a ready-made special substrate for growing rhododendrons. The method, although simple, is quite expensive, especially if the seedling is large and, accordingly, the size of the hole will be impressive.
  2. Make the soil mixture yourself. Ideal if you live near a pine forest and there is a peat bog nearby. Then you don’t need to buy anything, you just need to go for the gifts of nature. Having collected coniferous soil in the forest, and high peat in the swamp, it remains just to mix them in equal proportions.

It would be nice to add some mineral fertilizers to the soil or directly into the hole itself before planting. And antifungal drugs will save the shrub from disease..

A correctly chosen planting site is the key to a lush flowering of a perennial

rhododendron planting siteAbundant flowering does not mean that rhododendrons need good lighting. Moreover, they grow and bloom better in a shaded area. And in such a place the moisture under the bush will last longer, which is only “on hand” to the moisture-loving plant.

In what soil and how to plant rhododendron – video

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