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Soil for Kalanchoe: basic requirements, frequency of replanting

I was presented with a very beautiful blooming Kalanchoe. Probably, I liked the flower, because in six months it has grown a lot and turned into a gorgeous handsome man. The old pot is already cramped and I want to transplant the plant. Tell me, what kind of soil is better to take for Kalanchoe? Can ordinary garden soil be used??

kalanchoe The handsome Kalanchoe is one of the most beloved indoor flowers, and its lush green bushes are found on almost every windowsill. Unpretentious character, ease of care and just a gorgeous decorative look, especially during flowering – well, how can you pass by without restraining yourself and not taking a stalk with you?

Since the plant belongs to succulents, the requirements for cultivation are minimal. Some species of Kalanchoe grow well even in the steppes, however, in order for a home flower to delight with its inflorescences, it will need to pay a little attention and create suitable conditions. And above all, it concerns the soil. What kind of soil is needed for the Kalanchoe, and how often does the bush need to be transplanted??

Soil requirementsthe soil

Like most houseplants, Kalanchoe needs a nutrient medium. A soil mixture for a flower should:

  • it is good to pass water and moisture;
  • provide adequate nutrition for the root system.

Kalanchoe does not tolerate an increased level of acidity, therefore, the land must be selected with neutral indicators or additionally lime.

Although Kalanchoe and succulent, a clean store mix for this type of plant is also not suitable for him, it may not contain enough organic matter and sand. The best option is to prepare the ground yourself by purchasing the necessary components separately, namely:

  • river sand (1 part);
  • sod land (2 parts);
  • peat (4 parts).

The flower also grows well in a simpler mixture of ordinary soil from the garden, humus and sand in a 1: 1 ratio with the addition of the same amount of expanded clay crumbs.

How often to replant?Kalanchoe transplant

The Kalanchoe bush purchased in the store needs a transplant, since there it grows in peat or transport soil and is abundantly fertilized to maintain its presentation. At home, feeding is more limited, and the peat itself will not be able to provide the flower with adequate nutrition. After giving him two weeks to adapt, the Kalanchoe is transplanted into fresh, fertile soil..

It is not advisable to disturb the blooming Kalanchoe, it is better to wait until it fades.

In the future, young plants need an annual replacement of the substrate by transshipment. Instances older than 5 years will tell you about the need to move to a more spacious pot with a partial renewal of the soil: their roots will begin to sprout through holes in the bottom of the pot to drain water.

Kalanchoe transplant video

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