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What to do to make peas boil faster – advice from experienced housewives

Tell me what to do to make the peas boil faster? We have a young family and my husband is very fond of pea soup. Unfortunately, I have little experience with the kitchen. She never showed much interest, and there was no time and there was no need. While studying at school, my mother cooked for everyone, then went to college in her hometown, continuing to live with her parents. But six months ago she got married and moved in with her husband, so now you need to master cooking. I am learning a little, but they cannot “make friends” with peas so far. I already bought another brand, but still it turns out to be hard. Maybe you need to add something?

what to do to make the peas boil faster Have you ever had a case when even after 2 hours of boiling the peas remain firm in the pan? The soup, of course, will still be rich, but there is little pleasant from the legumes crunchy on the teeth. Fortunately, experienced housewives always know what to do to make the peas boil faster. Each has its own trick. Some cook it only in special dishes, others buy only a proven, favorite variety. Still others are cooked at all using a special technology or with the addition of secret ingredients. Today we will reveal to you all the secrets of quick cooking of peas and tell you how to boil it until it is crumbly..

Nutritionists say that it is well-boiled peas that reduce gas formation, which is typical after eating legumes..

Choosing the “right” pot and beans

idaho peas During the cooking process, the peas should languish like jellied meat, and not turn over in boiling water. Only cook soup or porridge in a thick-walled saucepan with a bottom and over low heat. It is even better if the farm has a stewpan or cast-iron cauldron.soaking peas

At the time of purchase, do not give preference to whole beans, but to chopped (halved). The first ones need to be cooked longer, but they still will not boil until mashed. By the way, the Idaho pea variety is considered the most crumbly in finished form..

Like beans, peas will cook faster if they are soaked in cold water overnight or at least five hours before..

What to do to make peas boil faster – cooking tips

boiling peasSo, the chopped beans are bought, soaked and already swollen, and the cast iron has been waiting for a long time on the stove. Now you can start cooking:

  1. Just put the peas in a cauldron and add some cold water. It is not necessary to fill to the brim, this is the whole secret.
  2. After the beans have boiled, remove the froth and reduce the heat to low.
  3. Do not forget to look: when there is not enough water, add a little again (also cold). After about 45-60 minutes, the peas will be ready..

If the halves do not want to boil in any way, you can use the “grandmother’s” advice. Add 0.5 tsp to the water. soda, it will soften the water, and in soft water all cereals cook faster. Finally, one more nuance: do not salt the beans during cooking. Salt and spices are best placed at the end..

How to quickly cook peas – video

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