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Tamarix – planting and care, reproduction of charming and unpretentious beads

Please tell us what tamarix is, planting and care, reproduction of this plant. I saw it in a catalog in one of the online stores, I wanted to order, but they had already sorted everything out. I booked seedlings for the fall and now I’m thinking if I did the right thing. You can plant it in the garden in the fall, it will not freeze, and how does it winters at all? A very unusual bush, it blooms beautifully, but I can’t buy more than one. If the seedling takes root, how to propagate it later?

tamarix planting and care reproduction Unpretentious shrubs become a decoration of the garden during flowering, when numerous pink flowers bloom on their branches. Everyone’s favorite tamarix, planting and care, the reproduction of which is very simple, can be found even in the middle lane. He is not afraid of either southern drought or frosts in more severe regions. The only thing that he does not like is transplants, so the place for landing should be chosen immediately and the right one. In the future, it remains only to cut the bush in a timely manner so that its flowering remains the same lush.

Tamarix – planting and care, reproduction

tamarix Tamarix belongs to the tamarix family of the same name and can be either a deciduous tree or an evergreen shrub. It has a rich species diversity – almost 40 species.

For the original and violent flowering, the culture is popularly called beads, the tree of God and the Astrakhan lilac.

Tamarix, especially tree varieties, have a very dense crown of twig-like twigs. At the same time, the leaves are small, they can be dark green, light and even with a blue tint. In spring, numerous long cluster inflorescences bloom on the branches. They consist of small flowers, predominantly pink, although there are also white varieties..

Where and when to plant

saplings of tamarixTamarix tolerates shade well, but it is all the better to find a bright spot for it in the garden so that the flowering does not suffer. But he is absolutely undemanding to the soil and can survive even on a clayey area. You just need to take care of good drainage, because the root system of the plant does not like waterlogging..

In the south, it is possible to plant seedlings in open ground in the fall, when leaf fall begins. In cooler regions, it is better to plant in early spring, so that the bush has time to get stronger before winter.

The planting pit should be 60×60 cm in size, with a drainage layer at the bottom. Despite the fact that the culture can grow in any soil, it is better to help young seedlings at first by enriching the land.

For this, the planting hole must be filled with a nutritious soil mixture consisting of the following components:

  • 2 shares of fertile soil:
  • 1 share of sand and peat.

Before planting, the seedlings must be cut by shortening the stems to 30 cm..

How to care

how to care for tamarixAt first, young bushes need frequent watering. Adult tamariks are rarely watered, and even then, if there is no rain. When planting in spring, the seedlings also need to be protected from the sun until the leaves begin to bloom..

In order for the bushes to grow more actively, in the spring they can be fed with organic matter. And in the summer – to carry out foliar feeding with potassium-phosphorus fertilizer. This will help the tamarisk plant to bloom longer and plant more flower buds for the next season..

The bush will require the most attention in terms of pruning, because it grows quickly and the crown thickens without a haircut. In the spring, before the buds swell, the shoots must be greatly shortened so that they give new branches. Sick, broken and thickening branches are also cut out..

How to propagate

propagation of tamarix by cuttingsTamarix can be propagated both by seeds and vegetatively, but the second method is more often used. Seeds have low germination and often do not ripen when grown in the middle lane.

The easiest way to propagate the bush by cuttings is by cutting semi-lignified cuttings in March. They can be rooted in water or in a mixture of earth and sand. Young tamariks are planted in open ground in the same season, closer to summer. But they must spend their first winter under cover..

Growing tamarix in the garden

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