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Iberis annual, planting and caring for unpretentious flowering pictures

Hello, I would like to clarify this question. I really like the annual Iberis. Will planting and caring for it be the same as for perennial varieties? I have one rather old bush that blooms with white buds. And then at a neighbor I saw a very beautiful variety with red flowers. I came to her to ask for a deal, but it turned out that he did not winter, but received seeds as a gift. How to sow them, right in the front garden or better for seedlings?

Iberis annual planting and care Lush green curtains, strewn with many small, but very fragrant flowers, will delight even the most fastidious gardener. Perhaps the annual Iberis, planting and caring for which is as simple and unpretentious as possible, has only one drawback. Unlike perennial species, it does not winter outdoors and flowers must be planted every year. And you can do without this, because the plant reproduces perfectly by self-sowing.

Annual Iberis species

In horticulture, only two varieties of annuals are grown – Iberis bitter and umbrella. However, each of them will delight you with a variety of varieties and colors. How are they different and what are they??

Flowering of annuals is longer than that of perennial Iberis.

Iberis bitter

Iberis bitter A bush no more than 30 cm high consists of erect branched shoots with gentle pubescence. The leaves are back – lanceolate, arranged alternately. They have a serrated edge and a blunt tip. Flowers are small, maximum 2 cm in diameter, collected in columnar racemes. The color is dominated by white and lilac colors..

Bitter Iberis is represented by the following varieties:

  • Weiss Riesen with white flowers (bush height 30 cm);
  • Tom Tumb is also with white flowers, but dwarf, 12 – 15 cm in height;
  • Hyacinten Blutige Riesen with lilac flowers (one of the tallest varieties up to 35 cm in height).

Iberis umbrella

Iberis umbrellaThe height of the bush can reach 40 cm, the stems are also branched, but smooth, the leaves are lanceolate, alternate. Small flowers are collected in corymbose inflorescences. Their color is more varied than that of bitter Iberis.

Popular varieties of umbrella Iberis:

  • red Red Rash;
  • bright pink Pink Dream;
  • white hyacinth;
  • snow-white iceberg.

Iberis annual – planting and caring for fragrant bushes

bloom of IberisIt is better to plant flowers in a well-lit place; in the shade, the flowering is not so lush. You can sow seeds directly into open ground in spring or before winter. If desired, to speed up flowering, it is possible to grow seedlings. However, in this case, it should be borne in mind that Iberis does not tolerate transplantation well. It is better to plant seeds in separate containers and plant seedlings with them, cutting off the bottom.

Annual care is minimal. Watering – moderate, more often during a drought, feeding – once for the entire season with a mineral complex. However, the plant can do without it. After the end of flowering, the bushes are pulled out or they are removed in the spring..

Growing annual Iberis through seedlings – video

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