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Incarvillea in Siberia – the subtleties of planting and care

Can you advise whether Incarvillea is grown in Siberia? She got out as a deputy and moved from her native southern penates to her husband. Accustomed to the local climate, she began to settle down a little and conceived a flower garden. But I don’t know yet what to plant. Probably, “southern” flowers will not survive here. What about Incarvillea? This is one of my favorite plants. Maybe, if you dig it up for the winter, it will grow?

incarvillea in siberia Despite the beauty and unpretentiousness of most garden plants, many of them cannot withstand cold winters. But there are those for whom the harsh climate is quite “on the shoulder” of Incarville in Siberia – a phenomenon that is not so rare. This graceful beauty has taken root in the distant expanses of our homeland, and feels quite comfortable there. True, there are some nuances that we will talk about today..

Incarvillea in Siberia – features of cultivation

flowering incarvillea Given the late spring and short summer, it is better to plant seeds in seedlings. For this, a greenhouse or an ordinary window sill in the room is suitable. Sowing can be done in early April, the seedlings will sprout in about 2 weeks. It is advisable not to move the bushes into open ground before the beginning of June. The first two weeks, depending on the weather, may require greenhouses. They are easy to make from a regular plastic bottle by cutting off the bottom. At night, the flowers will be in the greenhouse, and on warm days, the greenhouses should be opened for airing. When the night frosts go away – remove the bottles altogether.

In the first year of life, Incarvillea grows a leafy rosette and a root system. And the next season will delight you with flowering. To help the bushes and tubers to form, it does not hurt to feed them:

  • June – July – infusion of herbs or bird droppings;
  • August – mineral complex.

For growing in a Siberian garden, it is better to choose the most frost-resistant types of Incarvillea, for example, large-flowered and Mayra.

Do I need to cover or dig up flowers for the winter

incarvillea in autumnExperienced flower growers advise not to take risks with young bushes – first years. They should be dug up for the winter, especially if the Incarvillea grew “by gravity”, without additional fertilizing. Fertilizing helps her to grow more powerful tubers, especially in less rich soil. You can store tubers in the cellar by placing them in a box with sand or sawdust. The main thing is that the temperature in the room does not fall below 3 ° and does not rise above 8 ° of heat.

From the second year of life, the question of wintering is decided solely on the basis of a specific growing region. In any case, it is advisable to insulate the bush left in the garden by mulching with a thick layer of humus, compost or plant residues. Although there were times when Incarvillea wintered without shelter.

Growing incarvillea – video

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