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How to process tomato seeds before sowing – practical recommendations

Tell me how to process tomato seeds before sowing? This season we decided to grow our own seedlings. We bought seeds of different varieties, sowed, but only half of them sprouted. The firm is proven, I always take planting material for flower beds from her. Most likely, the problem lies in the fact that the seeds were planted directly from the bags, in a dry form..

how to process tomato seeds before sowing Many gardeners ignore the preliminary preparation of planting material, especially when seed growing tomatoes. And it is completely in vain, because this procedure increases germination, moreover, it allows you to get more seasoned seedlings. There is nothing super complicated and new in how to process tomato seeds before sowing. The usual methods are used as with other crops. Of course, tomatoes often sprout on their own, but this preparation also has its advantages. Treated seeds sprout earlier and more amicably, and the seedlings grow strong. They are less likely to get sick and generally develop more actively, respectively, and the crop ripens a little earlier..

How to process tomato seeds before sowing

tomato seeds There are several ways to prepare seeds for planting:

  • disinfection;
  • germination;
  • stimulation.

However, this does not mean that they should be applied all at the same time. So, seeds collected from diseased bushes simply need disinfection, and stimulation will not interfere. But the planting material purchased from reliable suppliers, especially “packed” in multi-colored granules, has already passed all the training. You cannot even soak such seeds, so as not to wash off the coating..


disinfection in potassium permanganateSeeds taken from their own harvest, it is advisable to disinfect in order to destroy possible fungi. Most often, they can be affected by late blight, so it is important to get healthy material. To do this, you can use a solution based on hydrogen peroxide (10%) or potassium permanganate (1%). Soak the seeds in it for 15 – 20 minutes and let dry.

Hydrogen peroxide treatment has two benefits. In addition to disinfection, it reduces the amount of nitrates.


germinationThis procedure is carried out once and is designed to increase germination. Place the seeds in a cloth bag and put them in a saucer with water Change the water every 4 hours and then immediately sow the tomatoes.

You can not soak seeds in a colored shell.


soaking in a growth promoterIt is used mainly for seeds harvested from their own “dubious” harvest and is soaked in a growth stimulator. This will increase the immunity of young plants..

Instead of drugs, you can use an infusion of wood ash. It has almost the same effect. In addition, it makes tomatoes more resistant to diseases and adverse weather conditions..

Processing tomato seeds before planting – video

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