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Remedy for joints No. 1 – tincture of Adam’s apple on alcohol, application and preparation

Tell us, in what cases is the tincture of Adam’s apple on alcohol used, is it possible to use this remedy internally, or only externally? I was visiting a friend, osteochondrosis worsened, there were such pains that the back could not be straightened. Only rubbing with this tincture helped – her friend did it herself, and gave me a little on the road. I want to cook the same for myself. Probably, she not only cures diseases of the spine, but also should?

tincture of adam's apple on alcohol use Adam’s apple or maklura is an extremely interesting fruit, similar to a wrinkled green orange. Its cucumber-smelling sticky milky pulp is poisonous, but contains so many nutrients that it is medicinal. The most popular, especially in the treatment of joint diseases, is the tincture of Adam’s apple on alcohol, the use of which has an amazing effect. In just one course, you can get rid of excruciating pain using the product as a compress. However, these are far from all the possibilities of a broker. It is called “God’s gift”, because fruit-based products can stop the growth of cancer cells – one of the most dangerous and serious diseases..

In our area, the Adam’s apple is rare. It grows only in the Caucasus and Crimea, but you can always order fruits for the preparation of a medicinal tincture using online stores. The main thing is to sell the crop harvested in early autumn there. It is by this time that the maximum amount of nutrients accumulates in the fruits..

How to make an alcoholic tincture of maklura yourself

homemade maclura tincture To prepare the tincture at home, alcohol with a strength of 70 or 96% is used. Accordingly, the recipes will be slightly different..

Alcohol tincture 70%

ready-made maclura tinctureWash one fruit well, grate without peeling the peel, and transfer to a 0.5 liter jar. Pour alcohol to the brim and leave for at least 2 months. The tincture is ready when it turns amber..

Alcohol tincture 96%

tincture of maklyura on ethyl alcoholGrind the Adam’s apple in a blender or cut, after weighing the fruits. Transfer the resulting mass to a glass container and pour alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio. For compresses, the tincture can be used after 2 weeks. For ingestion, the product must be kept for at least a year..

Store ready-made tinctures in the refrigerator for 8 months.

Tincture of Adam’s apple on alcohol – application

tincture of adam's apple on alcohol use at homeMedicines made from maklura can be used both externally and internally to treat diseases:

  • skin;
  • joints;
  • veins;
  • spine;
  • neoplasms, including malignant.

Tinctures can be used for oral administration, rubbing and compresses. Rubbing is carried out at night for 2 months. Compresses should be applied 2 times a day for at least a month..

The tincture is taken orally according to the scheme in a course of 2 months. Drink once a day, starting with 1 drop and adding another one daily until the end of the month. In the second month, the dosage should be gradually reduced, removing 1 drop every day.

How to make a tincture of maclura with diluted alcohol

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