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Diabetes medicine and more – blueberry leaves, beneficial properties and contraindications

What are the beneficial properties and contraindications of blueberry leaves? I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor prescribed me to take pills once a day, but so far I have not felt better. High sugar hurts my legs, and my eyesight starts to go down. I decided to try folk remedies, and most of all I read about the sugar-reducing properties about blueberries. Is it always possible to be treated with it if I still have a whole bunch of diseases (heart, blood pressure)?

blueberry leaves useful properties and contraindications It’s no secret that blueberries are one of the healthiest berries, especially for eyesight. However, not only the fruits, but also the leaves of this amazing shrub have a healing effect. Blueberry leaves, the beneficial properties and contraindications of which are no less extensive, have long been used not only in folk, but also in official medicine. They are included in many vitamin complexes to support and strengthen vision, immunity and more. What power lies in these little green leaves?

What are blueberry leaves rich in?

blueberry bush Almost a quarter of the chemical composition of the leaves is occupied by tannins. It is thanks to them that all blueberry-based products strengthen the body, fight inflammation and have an astringent effect..

In addition, blueberries and their foliage contain other, equally important, useful substances, namely:

  • vitamins of groups B, C, A, E, P;
  • pectins;
  • glycoside arbutin;
  • organic acids (oxalic, gallic, benzoic, pantothenic, aleonolic, succinic);
  • minerals (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and many others).

Blueberry leaves – useful properties and contraindications

blueberry shootsDecoctions, teas, infusions are prepared from fresh or dry leaves. They are taken orally, used for rubbing, rinsing, and even enemas and douching. Raw materials for the preparation of medicinal solutions can be bought at any pharmacy or you can prepare it yourself.

Foliage can be harvested throughout the green season by cutting off young plates. But most of all useful substances in it are contained during the flowering period of the shrub..

Why are blueberry leaves useful?

infusion of blueberry leavesInfusions and decoctions have a beneficial effect on the work of the body, namely:

  • strengthen the immune system, teeth, hair, nails, blood vessels, vision;
  • reduce glucose and cholesterol levels;
  • normalize metabolic processes and hormonal levels of the thyroid gland;
  • help to lower temperature, relieve inflammation and accelerate wound healing;
  • relieve swelling, removing excess fluid.

Blueberry leaf products are used to treat:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • colds and flu;
  • bronchitis;
  • arthritis and rheumatism;
  • periodontal disease and gingivitis;
  • cystitis and hemorrhoids.

Are there any restrictions and prohibitions on treatment with blueberry leaves?

dried blueberry leavesThe only serious contraindication to the use of decoctions and tinctures from the leaves is the individual intolerance of their constituent components..

However, in some cases, the medicinal properties of blueberry raw materials can backfire, exacerbating the course of the disease. This applies to acute diseases of the pancreas and kidney stones. Given the diuretic effect of decoctions, they are capable of provoking the movement of stones, which, with their large sizes, is undesirable and extremely painful. Therefore, in any case, before self-medication, it is important to consult a doctor..

Blueberry leaves and berries for diabetes

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