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How to grow strawberries: popular ways

Advise on how to grow strawberries? Previously, this berry always grew with us, but no one bothered with it especially. It grows for itself – well, let it grow, how many berries it will give, so be it. Of course, this “departure” did not pass without leaving a trace. From a large, one might say, a couple of dozen bushes remained, and even those bear fruit as they please. I decided it was time to put things in order and restore the strawberries. There are grandchildren, there will be someone to eat.

how to grow strawberries Probably, there is no such person who does not like strawberries. The most delicious strawberries are homemade. It is both sweeter and has a stronger aroma, not like imported berries. Of course, the latter are often much larger than strawberries from a garden bed. However, what prevents you from growing it yourself? This culture is quite unpretentious, capable of growing both in open ground and on window sills. And thanks to the different ways of growing strawberries, you can keep the procedures for caring for them to a minimum. Look at the saxifrage photo!

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Let’s take a look at the most popular ones, namely:

  • carpet;
  • lowercase;
  • nesting;
  • vertical.

Carpet method

carpet method One of the simplest options for growing summer berries. All that is needed for this is to prepare the site and plant it with seedlings. Humus is introduced for digging. In autumn, strawberries are planted in uterine rows. About 20 cm should be left between the bushes, and about 70 cm between the rows. The uterine rows in the next couple of years rapidly grow antennae and self-propagate. It turns out such a green carpet, the boundaries of the rows are lost.

The advantage of the carpet method is the minimum maintenance. No need to remove the mustache, watering and weeding often. Strawberry carpet holds moisture well and drives out most weeds.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that it becomes difficult to harvest in a couple of years due to the density of the cover. In addition, the berries become smaller.

Benefits of the line method of growing strawberries

line methodThe line method provides that the seedlings will grow in rows, with clear control of their boundaries. To prevent “unauthorized departure”, the mustache is regularly removed.

You can plant in one or two lines, observing the recommended indents:

  • single-line planting – at least 20 cm between seedlings and from 60 to 90 cm between rows;
  • two-line planting – 20 cm between bushes, 30-50 cm between lines, 70-90 cm between rows.

The advantage of the method is its high yield. Strawberries have enough space, the mustache does not take away food and the berries grow large.

Row planting of strawberries requires more attention than carpet planting. She needs more frequent watering, weeding, and mustache removal..

How to grow strawberries using the nesting method?

nesting methodIn small areas, the nesting method is often used. Thanks to him, you can plant several times more seedlings in one area. Accordingly, the yield will be higher. This is done simply: nests are made every 25 cm in a row. They consist of 6 bushes growing in a circle at a distance of up to 7 cm.The seventh bush is planted in the center of the circle.

For the nesting method, you need to have a large number of seedlings..

Vertical strawberry beds

vertical bedsAnother way that does not require a large area. In addition, it is suitable if the land on the site is not suitable. Strawberries are planted in any vertical arrangement. These can be plastic pipes, hanging pots, and even bags. They are filled with nutritious soil mixture and seedlings are planted..

The advantages of vertical beds on the face: they save space, it is more convenient to care for the plantings. And the berries do not lie in the ground, but hang down, which means they will not rot..

Of the disadvantages of the method, it is worth noting that caring for them is more laborious. The soil, due to its small amount, must be regularly fed with mineral complexes. In addition, it dries quickly and also freezes. Frequent watering and mandatory shelter for the winter are other additional activities..

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