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We use the effective insecticide Teppeki on the site against pests

This summer, my poor apple trees were badly affected by aphids. What I just didn’t try to save them – I managed to overcome the pest only partially. An acquaintance advised me to take Tepeki next time. Tell us what is Tepeki insecticide and how to use it correctly? I have not heard of this before.

drug in a bottle One of the main enemies of gardeners and gardeners are various insect pests. They not only deprive crops, but also cause significant harm to the crops themselves, making them vulnerable to disease. Often, folk methods are unable to cope with a disaster, especially if the initial stage is missed, and the scale of the defeat captures an entire garden or vegetable garden. And here insecticides come to the rescue – highly effective drugs for pest control.

Today the market for such drugs is diverse. Among them there are both potent drugs, which should be used with caution and certain restrictions, and completely safe drugs that do not constitute a threat to both humans and the environment. The latter include the Tepeki insecticide – a systemic agent that allows you to completely destroy pests.

What are the advantages of this insecticide, against which insects it is effective and how to use the agent, we will talk about this today.

Characteristics of the druginsecticide

Teppeki insecticide is available in the form of granules, which are used to prepare a working solution. The active ingredient of the drug is flonicamide, in a fairly high concentration (500 g per 1 kg), however, the agent does not have a negative effect on the environment and beneficial insects due to low consumption rates.

Tepeki is one of the most effective insecticides used to control a number of pests such as:

  • aphid;
  • ticks;
  • shield;
  • thrips;
  • leafhoppers;
  • coccids;
  • beetles and others.

How does the drug work??

After spraying with a working solution of an insecticide, its effect begins within 30 minutes. Insects that have come under direct treatment remain alive for another 4-5 days, but absolutely lose their ability to feed, as a result of which they die. In addition, the drug is well absorbed by the green part of the plant, after eating which, other pests living outside of the areas accessible for spraying die as well..

The advantage of an insecticide is not only the speed of its action, but also the duration of protection. Teppeki reliably protects crops for a month, in addition, it does not cause addiction in insects with repeated treatments.

How to apply?tepeki

The spray solution should be prepared immediately before processing. To kill insects, 1 gram of the drug is enough, and the amount of water depends on the specific culture and is:

  • up to 3 liters – for processing potatoes;
  • up to 7 liters – for an apple tree;
  • up to 8 liters – for flower crops (chrysanthemums, roses).

In addition, Teppeki is also used to treat winter wheat (up to 4 liters of water for the same amount of preparation).

If necessary, re-treatment can be carried out no earlier than a week after the previous spraying. A maximum of three treatments are allowed per season..

Fighting thrips with effective insecticides (Teppeki and others) – video

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