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Finding out the details – which beans are healthier, white or red

Tell me which beans are healthier, white or red? Everyone in our family loves legumes. Personally, I like white beans more, they are softer, and I’d rather add tomato paste to give them a beautiful color, but serve red to my husband. It even became interesting how these varieties differ, and which one will be more useful.

which beans are healthier than white or red Legumes contain so much protein that they can replace meat, and they also give a feeling of fullness. Most often, there are red and white varieties on sale and it is not surprising that many are interested in which beans are healthier, white or red. They differ not only in appearance, but also in chemical composition, and even the caloric content of both species is different..

Common Benefits of Beans

useful properties of beans Regardless of the color of the beans, you can only benefit from them if they are cooked first. Raw beans, especially white beans, contain toxic substances: glycosides, lectins and phytohemagglutinin. They irritate the mucous membrane and make it more vulnerable to harmful compounds..

Boiled beans, regardless of their color, have a positive effect on the body:

  • lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels;
  • cleanse of toxins;
  • stimulate digestion;
  • normalize heart rate and thyroid function;
  • quickly saturate and help fight excess weight;
  • maintain a healthy appearance of the skin and prevent its diseases;
  • have a diuretic effect, remove sand and stones;
  • has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Which beans are healthier – white or red

the benefits of white and red beansRed beans are higher in calories and higher in fat and carbohydrates. If in 100 g of white beans there are 298 kcal, then in red beans – almost 340 kcal. The fat in red beans is 4 times more than in white beans (9.8 g versus 2.4 g), so those who are overweight are better off eating white varieties. But colored beans are more suitable for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. They help to quickly build muscle and recuperate..

Red beans are also better for pregnant women, because they contain more folic acid.

From the point of view of cosmetology, both types will be valuable. Red slows down the aging process, while white helps maintain healthy skin tone and firmness.

Both types of legumes are used in cooking. But it is white beans that are included in dietary and even children’s menus for mashed potatoes and soufflés due to their delicate texture. Denser red beans are used in salads, main courses or main courses.

Thus, it is impossible to compare and one-sidedly evaluate the beneficial properties of different types of beans. It all depends on the purpose for which and who exactly will use them. In addition, it is worth considering the characteristics of the body and existing diseases..

The benefits and harms of beans

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