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How many dates can you eat per day to benefit from the sweet fruit?

Tell me how many dates can you eat per day? I love dried fruits very much, but I have a special fondness for dates. Previously, they were always in my kitchen, but now I just don’t know how to force myself to give up my favorite delicacy. The fact is that lately I recovered greatly and health problems began, so I had to go on a diet. As far as I understand, now I can’t have sweet dates?

how many dates can you eat per day They are called “the bread of life”, and dates, especially dried dates, are a source of fructose and glucose and may well replace sugar. But in order for these exotic fruits to really benefit the body, it is important to know how many dates you can eat per day. On the one hand, their chemical composition is very rich and includes many vitamins and minerals. But in our country, thermophilic date palms do not grow. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy their fruits mainly in the only way – to buy dried fruits. And in such dates there will already be a different composition and more calories. Accordingly, the load on the body will be higher, which is important in the presence of excess weight..

Why are dates useful?

composition of dates Sweet oval fruits with a long bone are perhaps the healthiest among dried fruits. And all because even fresh, they contain very little liquid – a little more than 20 g per 100 g of dates. Therefore, the drying process is much faster, respectively, only a small fraction of nutrients is lost. Of vitamins, dates are rich in groups A, B, C, and among minerals, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and copper are in the lead..

As a result of dehydration, the composition of dates becomes more concentrated, and their calorie content increases. So, if in fresh fruits there are about 140 kcal, then in dried fruits it is almost 2 times more.

what is included in datesRegular consumption of dates, both fresh and dried, has a positive effect on our body, namely:

  • bowel function improves;
  • the level of cholesterol decreases;
  • blood vessels are strengthened;
  • blood pressure and heart rate are normalized;
  • immunity increases.

Even doctors recommend eating dates to prevent many diseases: atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease..

How many dates can you eat per day

nutritional value of datesDespite the useful composition, do not forget that dates, especially dried fruits, contain a lot of sugars, albeit natural ones. Their excess has a negative effect on the work of all organs, so it is important not to abuse it. In addition, dates are best served as a separate snack, without mixing them with other foods. Especially with high-calorie and carbohydrate-rich meals.

The norm for a healthy person is no more than a dozen fruits per day. When losing weight, it is generally recommended to refuse them. Severe restrictions also exist in the presence of diabetes mellitus – only 1 or 2 fetuses per day. Given their high glycemic load and high amounts of naturally occurring sugars, dates can spike blood sugar levels. It is good for relieving hypoglycemia, but nothing more..

What happens if there are dates every day

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