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Apple tree columnar Constellation will give a good harvest, despite its diminutiveness

Tell me, how does the columnar constellation apple winters? We have a small plot, but this does not stop us from wanting to have our own garden. The first trees were plums, now I managed to get a couple of apple trees. We live in the middle lane, not too deep, but winters are sometimes frosty. Will the Constellation withstand them? And I would also like to know what is the yield of the variety?

apple tree columnar constellation The owners of modest plots are sincerely grateful to the breeders who have created compact varieties of fruit trees. Among them, the columnar constellation apple tree is especially popular. It does not require much space, rarely gets sick, winters well and gives tasty fruits. Red apples, although not large, but with a pleasant sourness, are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well. What is so special about this apple tree and how whimsical it is to grow?

Varietal features

apple blossom Like all columnar varieties, the Constellation apple tree will delight you with its “convenient” sizes. Due to the characteristic structure of such crops, the tree almost does not form side branches and grows in the form of a slender column. Branching occurs in the first three years of life, and even then in small quantities. Starting from the age of 4, new lateral shoots cease to appear, provided that the apical bud is alive. To maintain such a structure, it is extremely important not to allow it to be damaged..

The variety is self-fertile and does not need additional pollination. However, apple trees growing nearby, blooming at the same time, will increase yields..

The fruits are tied on ringlets of the central trunk and short lateral branches. The variety is late ripening, dark red apples with juicy sweet and sour pulp. From one adult tree, you can take up to 13 kg of the crop, which is well stored until spring..

Pros and cons of Apple Constellation

fruitOf the advantages of the variety, in addition to its compact form, it is worth noting:

  1. High frost resistance, which allows you to grow apple trees in the central and northern strip. The tree overwinters without damage at 40 ° frost.
  2. Resistant to most crop diseases, especially scab.
  3. Good taste characteristics.
  4. Long storage period and high transportability of fruits.

Constellation has only two drawbacks: seedlings are quite expensive, and the life of trees is on average 10 years.

Apple tree columnar Constellations – the subtleties of cultivation

young apple treeIt is better to plant a tree in a well-lit area, it does not like the shadow. Given that the root system of columnar apple trees is superficial, they need more frequent watering. Moreover, in the month of August, it should be terminated. Then the apple tree will have time to prepare for winter and tie fruit buds..

Top dressing, as well as load regulation, will help to maintain yields at a high level. To do this, in the year of planting on a seedling, the entire ovary should be completely removed. In the second year of life, it is advisable to leave only a couple of fruits in each bunch..

The nuances of the formation of columnar apple trees –

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