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Fruit that can be stored until summer – Richard apple tree, variety description

Tell me what is the threshold of winter hardiness for the Richard apple tree, I would very much like to know a description of the variety with details. In the spring I planted a seedling that the online store sent me as a gift. Then I bought up a decent amount, plus their constant buyer. Of course, I planted it, not to throw it away, and the tree turned out to be very good, more than a meter in height, with developed roots. But now I think, but will the apple tree survive in our middle lane, it will not freeze?

apple tree richard variety description Among the rich variety of modern apple hybrids, many old varieties, yielding their positions in terms of characteristics, are forgotten by gardeners. One of them is the apple tree Richard, the description of the variety of which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. His homeland is Germany, and there is still no unanimous fact about the exact origin. Most breeders adhere to the version that the apple tree was not even brought out by a scientist, but by an ordinary church minister. However, this does not prevent the apple tree from being popular in its homeland. And those who have seen dark fruits at least once and tasted their sweet pulp are also trying to grow a variety. True, given some features, it turns out this is not everywhere..

Apple-tree Richard – variety description

apple tree richard The tree itself is rather compact in size and grows in height up to a maximum of 3 m.It has a dense hemispherical crown of thick, strong branches covered with dark green foliage.

A characteristic feature of the Richard apple tree is partial self-fertility. It will also bear fruit when planted alone. But having pollinators nearby, such as the Jonathan or Idared apple trees, will increase yields. At the same time, Richard himself can be a pollinator for many varieties with similar flowering times..

When do apples ripen and how they taste?

apple harvest richardThe apple tree blooms in early May and pleases with delicate pinkish flowers for several weeks. In terms of ripening, it belongs to the autumn, apples ripen in September-October. They have a cone shape and slight ribbing, weigh more than 200 g, and are painted in a rich burgundy color. The subcutaneous points are clearly visible. The pulp is creamy, firm and juicy, with a slight tart note.

The yield of the variety is stable and does not depend on weather conditions, but not particularly high. You can take about 70 kg of fruit from one tree. At an average level, the Richard apple tree also has resistance to diseases, therefore, one cannot do without preventive treatments. And what is especially upsetting is that the variety can be grown only in the south of our country. The winter hardiness of the apple tree is also average, 28 ° C frost will be critical for it. Even if the winter is warmer, but with short-term chills, then after freezing the tree leaves heavily.

Pros and cons of the variety

apple richard description of the variety pros and consAnd yet it is not in vain that the apple tree Richard is considered by many to be a favorite, because she:

  • from year to year gives a stable harvest, which can be increased with the help of pollinators;
  • itself is a pollinator;
  • has an excellent taste and presentation of the fruit, which can be transported without damage;
  • versatile in the use of apples;
  • it has a long shelf life of the crop (up to 7 months).

Among the shortcomings that prevent the variety from leading among modern hybrids, one can name insufficient winter hardiness. As for weak immunity, this can be dealt with by timely processing of trees from fungi and pests.

Video review of the apple variety Richard

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