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How to get rid of large weeds in your garden – how to get rid of American maple

We need an effective way to get rid of the American maple. I think that this stubborn bush was brought to our site by the wind, by seeds, because it was not there before. They did not plant it on purpose, but now there are whole thickets right along the fence every year. I tried to cut it down and dig it out, they grow back in the spring. I don’t even know what to do, no matter how I break the fence.

how to get rid of American maple If small weeds cause problems, then what can we say about bushes and trees that live and reproduce well, drowning out cultivated plantings. One of these plants is the American maple, which is distinguished by its extreme fertility and “impudence”. At the first discovery of beautiful slender trunks with carved leaves, an urgent need to decide how to get rid of the American maple. After all, if you leave it, then soon the well-groomed area will literally turn into a thicket. Developing rapidly, maple gives more and more new shoots every year. Moreover, if you try to cut down one trunk, a dozen young ones will grow up in its place. With age, they build up a spreading crown, under which there is simply no chance for cultivated plants to survive..

What is a plant and how it did not please

american maple Perhaps it is difficult to find a place where there is no American maple. It grows in any soil, it is not afraid of either wind or drought. Even 40 ° C of frost is not able to destroy tenacious maples. Although they look interesting, especially at a young age, with smooth gray bark, flexible twigs and carved leaves resembling ash foliage. The height of mature trees can exceed 20 m, and their spreading crown is dense and poorly transmits light. The rapid pace of the maple tree concerns not only growth, but also reproduction. Root shoots appear from the tree, and the seeds are carried by the wind over long distances and sprout beautifully on their own.

American maple is absolutely unsuitable for ornamental cultivation. It is considered a weed, because there are more problems with a tree than benefits:

  1. Growing rapidly, displaces all plants in the neighborhood.
  2. The fragility characteristic of shoots makes them vulnerable and unreliable. Branches broken by the wind can collapse on buildings, plants and people.
  3. A wide crown cannot be corrected by pruning. She still regains her shape and grows even more actively.
  4. A huge number of inflorescences during flowering produces pollen – a strong allergen.
  5. A powerful root system not only grows rapidly. She can even punch her way out in the asphalt and walls of buildings..
  6. Roots and fallen leaves release toxic substances that inhibit other plants.

How to get rid of American maple

maple fightingAs you can see, it is impossible in any case to leave fragile-looking trees on the site, so as not to regret it later. It is best to start the fight against this large weed before it is young and has not turned into a tall tree..processing hemp chemistry

The best results are obtained with the following methods of eradication of maple:

  1. Cut or uproot the young growth. Dig up the area where it grew and cover it with a thick layer of sawdust or bark. You can also cover with foil, cardboard.
  2. Uproot large trees and track young growth.
  3. You can also cut the trunks, and cover the hemp with salt and cover with a black dense bag.

As for a method such as burning, it will not give the desired effect in relation to maple. There is a lot of moisture in the wood of the tree, which will prevent combustion and prevent the fire from reaching deeper, to the roots.

injection of herbicide into the trunk of a maple tree

But it will be faster and more reliable if you use chemicals. Moreover, it can be both herbicides and pesticides, and mineral fertilizers (saltpeter, urea). Chemistry can be sprayed on a green leaf, stumps and cuts from trunks. Or make an “injection”: drill a hole on the stump or in the barrel and inject an undiluted drug from a syringe, for example, Roundup or Hurricane Forte.

We remove maple using chemistry

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