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The best remedy for rejuvenation – mesembriantemum crystalum, useful properties

Where, besides gardening, is mesembriantemum crystallum used, does this plant have useful properties? Recently I came across conflicting information. I read that the plant is poisonous, it is not even used in folk medicine. And I have a very good French face cream. The instructions indicate that it contains mesembriantemum extract. Maybe the producers were wrong or the flower can really be useful?

mesembriantemum crystallum useful properties These unpretentious, compact succulents are very popular with gardeners. Lush and long flowering and undemanding character are not all the advantages of culture. This is a mesembriantemum crystallum, the beneficial properties of which are very interesting. On the one hand, it has no official use as a medicinal plant. But at the same time there is something very important in this flower..

What is a plant

mesembriantemum crystallum Originally from the family Aizaceae, mesembriantemum crystallum is one of the most popular types of culture. It is often used in landscape design. Low-growing bushes about 13 cm high will harmoniously fit into any floral arrangement. They bloom beautifully and for a long time, until the very frost. And they grow best in sunny areas, where many plants are too hot. In addition, these flowers are easy to care for. The ability to accumulate moisture in the leaves eliminates the need for frequent watering of these succulents..

All types and varieties of mesembriantemum perfectly tolerate the summer heat, but do not hibernate in the open field. We grow them as annuals or indoor plants..

Mesembriantemum crystallum – useful properties of the plant

leaves of mesembryanthemumThe stems and leaves of the plant contain up to 0.9% alkaloids, and more specifically: toruosamine, mesembrinin and mesembrin. They belong to psychotropic substances and have strong hallucinogenic properties. In this regard, official medicine does not use mesembriantemum as a medicinal plant. Moreover, a beautiful succulent is considered poisonous..

But in some countries, traditional healers benefit from the dangerous properties of culture. Thus, water extracts of crystal grass, if properly prepared and used, can also have a positive effect. They help to relax muscles, cause mild euphoria..cream based on mesembriantemum extract

However, the main area of ​​use of the mesembryanthemum, apart from gardening, is cosmetology. The plant extract has the following properties:

  • affect the skin at the cellular level;
  • start restorative processes in the body;
  • reduce the effect of environmental harmful factors on the skin;
  • smooth out wrinkles and improve the condition of the skin.

It is impossible to prepare the extract at home; this is done only with the help of sophisticated equipment. The leaves of the plant are crushed immediately after harvest and at very low temperatures. This is the only way they retain their substances..

useful properties of mesembryanthemumCosmetic companies successfully use the beneficial properties of the plant and produce anti-wrinkle care products based on the extract. For example, Yves Rocher grows mesembriantemum for further extract production and production of serums and creams.

Mesembriantemum crystallum in landscape design

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