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Aromatic and medicinal cedar tincture – the benefits and harms of a healing agent

Tell me how cedar tincture is made at home, the benefits and harms of such a remedy? An old friend sent me a small bottle, knowing how rheumatism torments me in recent years. I took his word for it and used the tincture for rubbing. To my surprise, it helped, pains and cramps began to come much less often. But recently my medicine ran out, and now I want to do it myself. And suddenly, in what cases it will come in handy. Can you tell me how to prepare such a drug, and what other medicinal properties it has?

cedar tincture benefits and harms A lot has been written and said about the healing power of conifers, and cedar is one of the most amazing conifers. His little nuts contain a whole pantry of vitamins, they are eaten just like that, and medicinal tinctures are also prepared. Cedar tincture has amazing power, its benefits and harms have been studied for a long time. The combination of alcohol and cedar is also unique in that the alcoholic component absorbs as much as possible all the useful substances from the nuts. Acting as a preservative, alcohol retains for a long time everything that it has absorbed. And also, due to the improvement of blood circulation and vasodilation, it promotes faster absorption of nutrients. As a result, the effect of taking such a remedy appears faster and is more powerful. In addition to the positive effect on the body, the tincture is also quite pleasant to the taste..

Cedar tincture – the benefits and harms of a remedy

alcohol tincture of pine nuts Small nuts contain a lot of fatty acids, vitamins A, C, B, K, calcium, iron, potassium and many other trace elements. As a result of taking cedar tincture:

  • increases immunity and resistance to disease;
  • improves hearing, vision, joint mobility;
  • the reproductive system works more efficiently;
  • excess fluid and salt is removed and edema disappears;
  • the metabolism is getting better;
  • wounds and other skin lesions heal faster.

The tincture is indicated for diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal problems, atherosclerosis. It relieves anxiety, relieves insomnia and increases hemoglobin levels.

What are the contraindications for cedar tincture

useful properties of cedar tinctureLike all alcohol-containing products, the tincture has a number of contraindications. First of all, this concerns the intolerance of this component and alcoholism. It is also forbidden to give such a remedy to children, pregnant and lactating.

You can not take the tincture at the same time with sedatives and drugs, in the instructions of which there is an incompatibility with alcohol.

Cedar tincture (on alcohol or vodka) is also contraindicated in the presence of hepatitis, herpes and kidney disease. Do not forget about the allergy to nuts, because cedar also belongs to them. In any case, self-medication is strictly prohibited. Acceptance of tincture in any form and use of it in any way must first be agreed with the attending physician.

How to make a tincture at home

cedar tincture the benefits and harms of cookingThere are many recipes for preparing a healing agent. The classic option is to pour 100 g of unpeeled nuts with 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka. After insisting for 2 weeks in a dark place, the tincture is ready. It can be used internally or externally.

The benefits and preparation of cedar tincture

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