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We fight pests without chemicals – how to breed ladybirds on the site

Can you tell me how to breed ladybirds on the site? I no longer have the strength to fight aphids, all the roses disappear, and yesterday I noticed black insects on the plum. In the spring I processed all the trees for prevention, but it did not help, and now the fruits are pouring, I do not want to use chemistry. I read that ladybugs destroy aphids well, but I very rarely see them. How and how to “lure” such assistants and what to do so that they do not leave?

how to breed ladybirds on the site In nature, everything is thought out and there are no useless insects and animals, each species has its own purpose, its friends and enemies. For example, beautiful and bright ladybugs are the most formidable and main enemy of aphids, also a leader, but already among pests. It is not easy to get rid of it, but if you know how to breed ladybirds on the site, you will not have to resort to chemicals. Yes, their effectiveness is proven and incredibly high, but the effect of insecticides is limited by the duration of their use. They affect the yield of cultivated plants, making it inedible. And if used improperly, they can even harm beneficial insects. Much safer is the biological way to destroy pests with the help of their natural enemies..

Why ladybugs are useful

how are ladybugs useful? Cute red bugs with an original pattern are formidable predators in their world. Their main food source is other, small, insects. Most of them live in the garden and in the garden and represent pests of cultivated plants. So if you notice “cows”, do not rush to drive them away and do not scare them away. They are your reliable helpers in pest control. Enemies of plants (aphids, mites, whitefly, mealybugs) are the favorite food of ladybirds. In addition, bugs and fungal spores do not disdain. For example, they like powdery mildew – the enemy of plants of the pumpkin family and not only.

One bug eats up to 5 thousand insects during its life cycle.

Do not forget about another function of ladybirds – they actively help bees in pollination. In addition to insects, bugs eat pollen and nectar, which they transfer from one plant to another in search of food..

How to breed ladybirds on the site – where to get beetles

plants that love ladybugsIf you do not have “cows” in your garden at all, you have two options to acquire them: buy or lure. Buying is a risky business, here you need a trusted supplier so as not to get wild insects that will immediately fly away.

It is much more profitable (and cheaper) to attract orderlies of the garden and vegetable garden. This can be done by planting plants on the site that they like or the pollen of which they feed on:

  • sunflowers;
  • zinnias;
  • dandelions;
  • chamomile;
  • yarrow;
  • daisies;
  • calendula.

Do not use chemistry unless you want the bugs to leave the area. And from flowers, give preference to species with small rounded flowers, painted in yellow or white..

How to create ideal conditions for “cows” so that they do not leave the garden

houses for ladybugsLadybugs will never fly away from the “bread” place if you provide them:

  1. Home. Even these small predators need shelter to hide from their enemies, the birds. And continue your race by laying eggs. Scatter a good layer of mulch in the garden to help the insects hide. Also, plant and do not harvest completely undersized spices (thyme, oregano, mint, dill, parsley, cumin). In their fragrant thickets, bugs will also be comfortable, especially when the crops bloom. Or put up small houses.
  2. Food. Blooming spices are a dessert; aphids and other pests remain the main food. Therefore, provide your helpers with insects. If the garden and vegetable garden are already clean of them, specially plant plants that will lure pests (marigolds, radishes, nasturtium). And as a reward, periodically feed the “cows”, like a caring beekeeper – your bees, with a sweet solution. Dissolve one part sugar and brewer’s yeast in 10 parts water and spray on the plants.
  3. With water. Without water, the bugs simply will not survive and will quickly leave the dry area. Arrange shallow containers and change fluid regularly. And so that the “cows” do not drown, put pebbles or pebbles on the bottom.

Breeding ladybirds as a business idea

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