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What are the best pollinators to plant for Chermashnaya cherries in order to get a stable yield

Advise what pollinators to plant for Chermashnaya cherries? This variety has been growing for me for three years, but it gives very little fruit. I waited, I thought it was due to the fact that the tree is young, but the number of ovaries does not increase. I decided to try another option with pollinators, it’s still a pity to remove the tree, it has grown well. Yes, and children are very fond of yellow cherries, especially for them she planted.

pollinators for black cherry Fans of yellow-fruited varieties will surely like Chermashnaya cherry. The domestic hybrid is distinguished by excellent taste, early ripening, winter hardiness and immunity. There is only one caveat: in order to annually remove a stable and high yield, it is imperative to have pollinators for Chermashnaya cherries in the garden. In a single planting, the tree will only be decorative with its short growth and an oval neat crown. What is this hybrid, and what varieties can be its neighbors for pollination?

Features of the cherry variety Chermashnaya

cherry cherry The hybrid has a “domestic registration” and is recognized as zoned for cultivation in the Black Earth Region. There are the most optimal conditions for him to reveal his characteristics. The tree is medium in size, grows up to 5 m in height, has an oval, not very thickened crown.

One of the main advantages of the variety is early maturity and early maturity. Already in the fourth year after planting, you can taste the first cherries, which ripen by the end of June. Up to 30 kg of large yellow berries with tender, but dense, sweet pulp and a small bone are removed from one adult tree.

Cherry Chermashnaya is resistant to the main diseases of the culture and has a high frost resistance. The drought tolerance of the variety is average and needs regular watering for a good yield..

Pollinators for cherries Chermashnaya – the best varieties

pollinator varieties for cherry chermashnayaSince the variety is self-fertile, it needs pollinators to meet its declared yield. In the vicinity of the cherry Chermashnaya, no further than 4 meters, it is necessary to plant varieties that will bloom simultaneously with this tree. Further work will be done by bees, transferring pollen.

If the size of the plot does not allow growing several trees, you can graft a branch of the pollinator variety into the crown of the cherry.

The best pollinators for the Chermashnaya variety will be the following cherries:

  • Raditsa with dark red sweet fruits;
  • Iput with large, almost black cherries with sweet and juicy pulp;
  • Red slide with delicate yellow fruits covered with a pink blush;
  • Fatezh with yellow-red cherries with pink sweet pulp;
  • Ostuzhenka with burgundy fruits;
  • Crimean with red fruits;
  • Bryansk pink;
  • Leningrad black.

Video review of cherry varieties Chermashnaya

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