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Fragrant honey grass – how is the northern bedstraw useful?

What medicinal properties does the northern bedstraw have and what is this plant? The doctor prescribed me diuretic pills, but I was allergic to them. Moreover, she has already changed three drugs, after taking a rash on the body. I decided to try folk remedies, and a friend advised the bedstraw infusion. He says he helps her a lot with many problems. I found a herbal preparation in a pharmacy, but I want to plant this plant for myself, if it is really that healing. I have a special corner in my garden with different medicinal cultures..

northern bedstraw This herb can be recognized from afar by its characteristic honey aroma, although it would be wrong to call tall slender bushes “grass”. The northern bedstraw has long been used in folk medicine, because, in addition to fragrant inflorescences, it has other advantages. The chemical composition of the plant is so rich and varied that it has become a valuable medicinal crop from a weed. Even at the official level, the diuretic properties of the bedstraw are recognized. Its dry raw materials are part of herbal preparations, which are taken to improve the outflow of urine. What is this herb and how else is it useful?

Northern bedstraw – botanical characteristics

flowering bedstraw northern Native to the madder family, the northern bedstraw is one of 400 species of culture. Many representatives of this plant are decorative and are often used as garden plants due to their delicate flowering. The northern bedstraw belongs to the group of medicinal herbs. It has a number of medicinal properties and has long been used in folk medicine..

The medicinal bedstraw grows in a rather tall bush up to 80 cm tall and forms one or more stems. Each of them has up to eight whorls of four narrow leaves. The leaf plates are decorated with three longitudinal veins and are pointed at the tips. They are stiff due to an invisible covering of vertical small bristles. The root system of the plant is very developed. It consists of a central rod and numerous lateral branches.

In the second half of summer, nondescript bushes are transformed when small panicle inflorescences bloom on them. Colored white, small buds emit a very rich sweet aroma. The bedstraw is an excellent honey plant, so you can safely plant it near the apiary.

For its sweet smell, the plant is popularly called “honey grass”, and for its small flowers – “white porridge”. Another name for the northern bedstraw is boreal.

Useful properties of bedstraw

useful properties of bedstrawThe stems, leaves and buds of the plant contain many useful substances:

  • vitamin C;
  • essential oils;
  • rennet enzymes;
  • glycosides;
  • alkaloids;
  • triterpenoids.

The roots of the plant contain tannins, flavonoids, coumarins, anthraquinones and steroidal saponins. It is not surprising that the bedstraw is considered medicinal, because such a composition gives it healing power..

From the aerial part and roots, infusions, tinctures, lotions, ointments are made. The bedstraw has a number of medicinal properties:

  1. Treats skin diseases.
  2. Stops bleeding.
  3. Relieves inflammation.
  4. Stimulates urine flow and relieves swelling.
  5. Used in gynecology for douching to treat erosions.
  6. Increases potency.
  7. Normalizes heart rate and blood pressure.
  8. Has a calming effect on the nervous system.

It is necessary to be treated with the help of a bedstraw only after consulting a doctor and taking into account its contraindications. Due to its strong diuretic effect, it should be used with caution in case of serious kidney problems. Children, pregnant and lactating women are completely prohibited from taking plant-based products. And since the bedstraw has an astringent effect, it is used orally in courses with a break of at least two weeks..

The tenacious bedstraw is another medicinal plant species

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