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Large-fruited and fruitful Agapovsky sweet pepper – description of the variety and advantages

Tell me, is it possible to grow Agapovsky pepper in the open field, what is the description of the variety and what taste characteristics does it have? When buying seeds, I came across one packet of this type, yesterday I sowed seeds for seedlings. Since I want to plant cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse, there is no more room for pepper. Will it grow in the beds in the central strip and will it not affect the yield?

agapovsky pepper variety description Bell peppers are a popular vegetable and should be in every housewife. Fresh salads, baked fruit garnish, stuffed or pickled peppers – a lot can be made from this culture. Most gardeners who grow it on their own prefer such a species as the domestic Agapovsky pepper, the description of the variety of which is not inferior to modern imported hybrids. Moreover, the variety stands up to competition thanks to its high and early yields, excellent taste and stability. It is the domestic selection that is most adapted to our climate, while foreign hybrids are often very demanding and capricious.

Agapovsky pepper – variety description

sweet pepper agapovsky In 1995, a new variety appeared in the State Register of Russia – an early, fruitful and very tasty Agapovsky pepper. The technical ripeness of its large fruits occurs within 100 days. This allows peppers to be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Moreover, the plants tolerate temperature fluctuations very well and give a high yield even in the beds. Compact bushes do not exceed 80 cm in height and are densely covered with dark green foliage, which protects the fruits from the scorching sun rays.

The variety is resistant not only to temperature fluctuations, but also to major crop diseases. It rarely suffers from the mosaic virus, but sometimes the fruit suffers from apical rot.

Productivity and taste

Agapovsky pepper fruitEach bush ties up to 30 peppers, which is considered an excellent indicator. The fruits are large, with a slightly depressed peduncle, up to 15 cm long and with an average weight of about 120 g each. Peppers emit a characteristic sweetish aroma, have a cube shape with pronounced edges. They have a thin skin, but very thick (up to 8 mm), juicy and sweet, walls.

The yield of Agapovsky pepper is high, which is facilitated by both the quantity and size of the fruits. From 1 sq. m. you can get at least 10 kg of fruit. They have a universal purpose, suitable both for fresh consumption and for processing and preservation..

The advantages of a domestic variety over modern hybrids

Agapovsky pepper pluses and minuses of the varietyAgapov pepper remains popular and is not inferior to the new selection due to its advantages:

  • early maturity;
  • large-fruited;
  • sweet taste and aroma;
  • versatility of use;
  • immunity to disease;
  • the possibility of growing in open and closed ground.

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the exactingness of the culture for watering. However, all varieties of sweet peppers need moisture. In addition, Agapovsky pepper should be grown only in a well-lit place, since it does not differ in shade tolerance. And in the case of greenhouse cultivation, the bushes must be tied to a trellis so that they do not break under the weight of the fruits..

Review of Agapovsky pepper variety

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