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Why hyacinth bean scarification is needed and how to do it

Why is hyacinth bean scarification carried out and how necessary is it? A neighbor gave seeds from her plant, she says that she plants them immediately on a flower bed. And I read that you first need to scarify. How to do it correctly and how to carry out such a procedure at home?

scarification of hyacinth beans Long whips of hyacinth beans can braid half of the arch in a season, and their lilac inflorescences and colored pods look very decorative. Growing this thermophilic plant is not at all difficult in our climate with the help of seeds. Scarification of hyacinth beans will speed up the sprouting process. And this means, and bring the gorgeous flowering of the creeper closer. What kind of flower is hidden under this mysterious name, and what growing conditions does it have??

What are hyacinth beans

hyacinth bean bush Among summer residents, this plant is known as ornamental beans or climbing lilacs. In flower shops, it is sold as lobia or hyacinth beans, sometimes dolichos. All names perfectly reflect the appearance of the culture. A herbaceous liana from the legume family, up to 5 m long, grows very quickly. From related crops she inherited the form of foliage and fruits, like those of common beans. And the flowers with their aroma at the same time resemble the flowering of hyacinths and lilacs. They hang thickly from the shoots with beautiful brushes, surprising with a rich purple or ruby ​​color. Vine leaves have the same shade..

Under natural conditions, in hot countries, lobia lives for several years. In our climate, the liana is grown as an annual plant, because when wintering in the open field, it completely freezes out..

Scarification of hyacinth beans – why is it needed and how to do it

why do they do scarificationHyacinth beans can be planted directly outdoors in late spring and then bloom in mid-summer. If you want the vine to bloom even earlier, you can grow seedlings. By the way, the seedling method is the best option for northern regions with a short summer, which limits the vegetative period of the culture..

Lobia is grown from seeds, which are fairly large beans. They are soft at first, but when fully ripe they dry out and become very dense. It is difficult for delicate sprouts to break through such a strong shell. Therefore, many gardeners pre-prepare the planting material by scarifying the beans..

How to scarify

how to scarify seedsThere are several ways to scarify beans:

  1. The easiest option is to rub each seed with sandpaper and soak in water to swell.
  2. This method is a little more complicated, so to speak, jewelry, but also mechanical – make punctures with a needle.
  3. You can quickly prepare the beans for planting by dipping them in hot and cold water one at a time. Place the seeds in a cloth bag and bathe in this way.
  4. And the most difficult option is exposure to chemicals. Make a 3% sulfuric acid solution and soak the beans overnight. Rinse before planting. Just remember to wear gloves or you may burn yourself..

If you forgot to carry out this procedure, do not be upset, it is not at all necessary. The beans will sprout without scarification, but then you need to be patient, because it will take longer.

Seed scarification

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