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What determines the yield and how honeysuckle is pollinated

Tell me how honeysuckle is pollinated? I planted the Blue Spindle about three years ago, and I’m still waiting for it to please me with the harvest. But so far, it is impossible to collect more than a glass of berries. The husband says this is because the bush grows by itself, without a pair. Does honeysuckle need a pollinator, how to pick it up and how does this process take place – bees pollinate or artificially need help? I have decorative honeysuckle growing, I hoped that it would become an edible pair, so I did not buy it. These two species cannot serve as pollinators to each other.?

how honeysuckle is pollinated Some gardeners, who planted a bush of edible honeysuckle of a high-yielding variety, then are surprised that there is no trace of the declared harvest. Nothing surprising, because this crop is self-fertile, and before planting it, you need to know how honeysuckle is pollinated. Despite the beautiful flowering and the fact that there are flowers on the plant of both sexes, they are self-fertile. This means that this process cannot happen on its own. And, in order for tasty fruits to set in place of the buds, it is imperative to plant several varieties. Moreover, this should not be a random choice – the flowering period must coincide.

How honeysuckle is pollinated

insect cross-pollination of honeysuckle The inflorescences consist of two buds, and they bloom only for one day. That is why it is important to choose the right varieties, because they should bloom at the same time..

Honeysuckle is cross-pollinated by transferring pollen from the stamens of one variety to the pistils of another. In nature, this happens in one of three ways: the pollen is carried either by the wind, or by insects, or by birds. For honeysuckle, the second option is characteristic – pollination by insects, mainly bees. The sweet scent of the flowers attracts them, moreover, the plant serves as a honey plant, from which bees collect nectar. Therefore, the main role is assigned to gardeners. It is they who must choose the right varieties, and also plant them correctly..

How to plant honeysuckle to increase pollination efficiency

how to plant honeysuckle correctlySaplings are initially placed in one place. It is better to plant them in a row, leaving a distance of no more than 1 m.If there is not enough free space on the site, you can ask your neighbors if their honeysuckle is growing and what kind. And then choose already suitable varieties, taking into account the flowering period. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that they will have the same ripening period. On the contrary, the most successful combinations of pollinators are precisely the groups in which there are early, middle and late varieties..

It is recommended to plant at least three varieties of honeysuckle at once. They will serve as pollinators for each other. And the smaller the distance between the bushes, the more flowers the bees will be able to pollinate..

It should be borne in mind that decorative honeysuckle is not suitable for the role of a pollinator. Both plants must be edible. Otherwise, the flowers will be able to pollinate, but all varietal characteristics will be violated. The taste will deteriorate, the berries will taste bitter and chopped.

Pollinator compatibility

Honeysuckle pollinator cultivar compatibilityIf the nursery cannot provide you with information on choosing a pollinator, you can use a ready-made selection. A good harvest will be if you plant together varieties that will pollinate each other, for example, in such tandems:

  • Bluebird, Morena, Blue Spindle, Cinderella and the Chosen One;
  • Blue Spindle, Blue Bird and Kamchadalka;
  • Kamchadalka, Blue Spindle, Parambelskaya, Cinderella and Nymph;
  • Tomichka, Kamchadalka and the Blue Spindle;
  • Cinderella, Tomichka, Kamchadalka and Roxanne;
  • Morena, Viola, Blue Spindle and Amphora;
  • Berel, Tomichka, Kamchadalka and Blue Spindle;
  • Nymph, Pushkin, Omega, Amphora and the Chosen One.

How to choose a pollinator for honeysuckle

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