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What is the most convenient scheme for planting pepper in open ground

What should be the scheme for planting pepper in open ground so that it is convenient to care for the plants? And I will water and fertilize, so to speak, manually, from a watering can, there is no way to do drip irrigation. What is the best distance between holes? I read that pepper grows better if it is crowded, it’s true?

scheme of planting pepper in open ground To grow large peppers, especially Bulgarian ones, it is important not only to properly care for them. The initial task is to get strong seedlings, as well as to dive them to a permanent place in a timely and correct manner. And if the timing of planting depends on the regional climate, then the scheme for planting pepper in open ground is often the same for all gardeners. First of all, the freedom of development of the bushes is taken as a reference point, so that they do not interfere with each other and receive uniform illumination. And of course, do not forget to leave free access to the beds, because the peppers need to be watered and collected, while not injuring the plants. What is the best way to plant seedlings, and in what time frame?

When can I plant pepper seedlings in the beds

the timing of planting pepper seedlings in the ground Pepper is a thermophilic culture, so you can’t rush with a transplant. Recurrent frosts can destroy immature seedlings. But even after it takes root, the culture needs warmth for active growth. Cold spring does not contribute to this in any way, plus it increases the risk of fungal diseases..

Planting seedlings in open ground can be started no earlier than stable positive values ​​are established. At the same time, the soil itself should warm up to at least 12 ° C of heat, because the roots also need warmth.

In regions with a warm climate, peppers are planted in the beds, starting from the first decade of May. In northern latitudes, these dates are shifted one month later. At the time of planting in the ground, the seedlings should be 60 days old and have at least 9 leaves. Overgrown seedlings take root worse and grow slower.

Pepper planting scheme in open ground

pepper planting schemePeppers are planted in a ribbon or checkerboard pattern. The most practical is one- or two-row tape planting, in which plants are planted in one or two rows with a small distance between them and with wider row spacings..

The distance between the peppers inside the bed (ribbon) depends, first of all, on the size of the plants themselves:

  • tall varieties need at least 50 cm;
  • medium-sized peppers can be planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other;
  • undersized peppers will be enough and 20 cm.

The row spacing should be at least 60, or even better 70 cm.When a two-line planting, the distance between the lines is about the same as between the peppers in a row.

This two-line planting scheme allows the plants to be provided with good air circulation and lighting. This means it will prevent the occurrence of diseases as a result of thickened plantings. A closer landing is not worth doing. Plus, thanks to the wide row spacing, peppers are easy to care for and harvest. All bushes have free access, while without the risk of damaging neighboring plants.

Agricultural technology for growing pepper in the open field

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