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Growing delicious grass from seeds – when to plant asparagus outdoors

My husband asked me to plant asparagus especially for him this year. I don’t even have a general idea of ​​how to grow it. I bought seeds, and now what to do with them when planting asparagus outdoors? And how, immediately by seeds or it was necessary to plant on seedlings?

when to plant asparagus outdoors For some, this is a matter of taste, but most people, especially vegetarians, cannot imagine their diet without juicy and fleshy asparagus shoots. You can buy it in stores all year round frozen, and if you are an avid gardener, you can grow it yourself. And the first thing you need to know is when to plant asparagus outdoors, because it is quite thermophilic. In addition, hard seeds germinate for a long time and reluctantly if they are not helped..

Asparagus is a herbaceous perennial plant that lives in one place for almost 2 decades. It propagates by seeds or vegetatively, by cutting or dividing adult bushes. Seeds are planted either directly into the ground, or seedlings are first grown.

When to plant asparagus in open ground immediately by seeds

when to sow asparagus seeds outdoors One characteristic is characteristic of asparagus: its seeds germinate only if they are warm enough. Moreover, the higher the temperature, the more sprouts there will be. Such weather conditions do not come until the end of spring. Therefore, with a seedless method, asparagus is planted late, in the last decade of May..

To speed up the germination of seeds, they must first germinate or at least soak for a week. Both of these procedures require warm water and a warm place. The seeds swollen after soaking will sprout in the beds in about two weeks. And if you wait for the sprouts to hatch indoors, then asparagus shoots in the ground will appear in a week..

Dates for planting asparagus seedlings in the ground

when to plant asparagus seedlingsThe seedling method of growing is more popular, because it allows you to get already strengthened seedlings by the time of planting on the beds. In this case, sowing seeds is carried out much earlier, in the second decade of April..

Sufficiently large seeds are best planted immediately in separate cups or cassettes. They can be filled with a substrate for growing cucumber seedlings, or you can prepare yourself a light soil mixture of their components:

  • garden land – two shares;
  • peat, sand and rotted manure – one share of each.

The grown seedlings are planted in the ground in the first half of June, depending on the regional climate.

Asparagus in the garden – sowing, growing, care

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