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The most dangerous allergen is the alternaria alternata fungus, how to fight and where it lives

How dangerous is the fungus alternaria alternata, how to fight if it is on the walls? As soon as we moved to a new apartment, I started having problems. Almost constantly the nose is stuffed up, the strongest allergy. At first I thought it was seasonal, but I noticed that during the vacation that I spent at the dacha, the symptoms completely disappeared. And upon returning home, his nose was again stuffed up. I went to the doctor, passed allergy tests for flowering and products, they are negative. The doctor says that the problem may be in this fungus, it grows in the bathroom and wet walls. What should I do now and how to get rid of it?

fungus alternaria alternata how to fight In the modern world, amid the abundance of artificial things and chemicals, there are so many “chances” of getting allergies. With hypersensitivity and chronic diseases, it can even end in a more deplorable way, with new diseases. But one of the most dangerous allergens that can literally poison a person’s life is the fungus alternaria alternata, how to deal with it is a more difficult question than preventing the occurrence. Not only that, the fungus can serve as a habitat for everything from your home to food. So its appearance provokes diseases that are difficult to get rid of. And this process is as long as the destruction of the pathogen itself. Why is he so dangerous, where he prefers to live and how to protect himself from the fungus and its influence?

What is a fungus and where does it “live”

Where does the Alternaria fungus live? Alternaria alternate is one of the toxigenic moldy microorganisms. It belongs to the group of ascomycetes, which is characterized by asexual reproduction with the help of spores, as well as mycelium. Spores are quickly carried by the wind over very long distances. And mycelium grows at a high rate, especially in warm and humid conditions. Some species do not die even from low temperatures.

Аlternaria alternate can be found almost everywhere and on everything. The fungus feels good and continues to multiply on:

  • walls of the house, especially internal ones, in rooms with high humidity;
  • soil, both in the open field and in greenhouses and even in flower pots;
  • grain crops, both stored in warehouses and directly on the ear;
  • fruits, vegetables and other food products;
  • carpeting in the house;
  • compost heaps and silos;
  • in drinks.

Externally, mycelium clusters look like a velvety bloom. Its color depends on where the fungus lives, and it can be black, brownish and even green..

Fungus alternaria alternata – how to fight

Alternaria fungus on the wallThe spores of the fungus release toxins, provoke allergies and respiratory diseases. They are treated in a complex, taking appropriate drugs together with antiallergic.fight against mold and mildew

However, even such treatment will be meaningless if the pathogen is not eliminated. And don’t give him a chance to appear again. For this:

  1. Ventilate the area frequently.
  2. Do not dry things in the room, especially if there is no opening window.
  3. Do regular cleaning.
  4. Provide a hood in the house, warehouse and other premises.
  5. Do not allow water to collect, repair breakages and leaks in time.
  6. Revisit your kitchen regularly and throw away moldy foods without mercy. Do not eat them at all.

Treat walls affected by fungus with special antiseptics. And don’t leave mildewed wallpaper on them..

How to get rid of mold on walls

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