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Features of caring for a capricious handsome jasmine polyantum

Please tell us how to take care of polyantum jasmine at home? They presented a flowering bush for my birthday, I don’t want it to disappear because of my wrong actions. Where is the best place to put the pot and can it be sprayed? It’s very hot in our apartment in winter.

jasmine polyantum Among indoor flowering plants, the most delicate, perhaps, can be called polyantum jasmine. Its white elongated bells amaze with their pure color and delicate aroma (it is noteworthy that the unopened buds have a pink tint). Polyantum differs from other types of jasmine in its rather large size and climbing shoots: in a closed room, the length of its shoots reaches 2 m, and in nature they can even stretch up to 10 m in length. In addition, the liana bush has an interesting leaf shape – they are feathery and resemble the foliage of ferns..

Its second name “multi-flowered” jasmine polyantum got its abundant flowering – in February, the bush is literally strewn with delicate fragrant inflorescences, and you can watch this spectacle until mid-spring.

Caring for jasmine polyantum at home is distinguished by some special requirements, without which the plant cannot please with active development and lush flowering. Among them it is worth noting:

  • love of light;
  • humidity and temperature requirements;
  • the nuances of leaving during a pronounced rest period.

The role of light for flowering polyantumblooming polyantum

In order for the plant to develop well and bloom profusely, it is necessary to choose the brightest place in the room for it, but it should be borne in mind that direct rays should not fall on the flower. The best option is a western or eastern window sill..

What humidity and temperature does jasmine need??

Dry air in the house is the main enemy of polyantum, from which the bush begins to ache and stops blooming. It is important to regularly spray the plant, including during flowering, covering the flowers. In addition, put a pallet with water next to it and pour pebbles.

In terms of air temperature (as for the growing season), jasmine is undemanding and will tolerate well even 25 degrees Celsius, provided that it is abundantly and frequently watered with spraying. The exception is the rest period..

How to care for polyantum when it is resting?

Unlike sambac jasmine, multi-flowered jasmine needs a dormant period. With the approach of winter, the bush even begins to lose its foliage, and then the pot must be taken to a cool room with a temperature of no more than 12 degrees Celsius, otherwise the next flowering can wait a long time, and if it blooms, then there will be few buds.

Watering before the “rest” of the bush begin to gradually decrease, and in winter they rarely moisten the soil. Plants overwintering in a cool room do not spray.

How often to fertilize and replant?young polyantum

Polyantum should be fed only during the growing season, using complex mineral preparations for this. In winter, fertilizers are not applied..

Young bushes are transplanted every spring, changing the soil and flowerpot. It is enough to transfer adult specimens once every three years, and if the bush is too large, just change the top layer of earth to fresh soil.

The pot for polyantum should be small – in such a container it develops and blooms better.

Does jasmine need pruning?

Polyantum responds well to a haircut. Thus, you can “kill two birds with one stone”:

  • restrain its too active growth;
  • stimulate the formation of young lateral shoots, on which flower buds are subsequently formed.

Also, during the spring-summer period, pinch the tops of the branches.

Forming a bush and installing a support for polyantum jasmine – video

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