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The use of tincture of the golden mustache – we strictly observe the dosage so that the treatment is effective

Tell us how to properly apply the tincture of the golden mustache inside? I read that it helps well with joint problems, and I often suffer from sciatica, especially in autumn, when it is damp. I also heard that it can be drunk in case of stomach ailments. How many drops and how often?

application of tincture of golden mustache The golden mustache has long been famous for its medicinal properties, and most often the plant is used for the preparation of alcohol tincture. The application of the tincture of the golden mustache has a wide area. You can drink it or rub problem areas, as well as make compresses.

How to make a tincture of golden mustache

how to make a tincture In order to prepare a miracle cure for almost all diseases, we need a fairly mature bush and alcohol or vodka. An indicator that the golden mustache has accumulated a maximum of useful substances in itself is the change in color of green stems – they turn purple.

There are many recipes for alcohol tincture. The technology depends on the way it is applied (internally or externally), but in general it is like this:

  1. For oral administration, a tincture should be made on the shoots of the plant. The most healing will be those that have at least 10 rings. The ratio of vodka and golden mustache is calculated simply: for each elbow, you need to pour 20 ml. So, if the ring is 10, you will need 100 ml of vodka. Pre-shoots need to be crushed. Then keep the tincture for 2 weeks in a dark place, shaking occasionally until it turns purple..
  2. Tincture for external use (rubbing and compresses) is prepared from internodes in a similar way. Only the concentration is slightly higher: one internode requires 30 ml of vodka.

Treatment of fibroids and amenorrhea requires an increase in the concentration of the golden whisker in the tincture. Instead of 20 – 10 ml of vodka is poured onto each knee.

Application of tincture of golden mustache inside

tincture of golden mustacheThe course of treatment with tincture is 2 months, while it is necessary to strictly adhere to the regimen. Do not exceed the dosage to avoid complications. It also makes no sense to lower it – then the treatment will not have the desired effect..

The reception scheme is as follows:

  • the first day – 10 drops;
  • the second and all subsequent days until the end of the first month – plus 1 drop (11, 12, 13 and so on);
  • in the second month of admission, you need to go in the opposite direction and every day reduce the amount of tincture you drink by 1 drop.

Upon reaching the initial dose (10 drops), the course is considered completed. If necessary, after a month’s break, you can repeat the treatment according to the same scheme..

How to be treated with tincture of a golden mustache – video

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