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Virginal is a terry variety of winter-hardy garden jasmine

For a long time I dreamed of planting jasmine in the country, and here a neighbor was just planting her old bush and sold me the dealership. Please tell us more about the Virginian jasmine variety (it turns out that this is what it is called). Where is it better to plant it so that the bush blooms profusely?

jasmine bush It is often said that classics are always in fashion. The same can be said about the garden jasmine variety Virginal: grown at the beginning of the 20th century by French breeders, it is still one of the most popular plants that are used in landscape design, both in city parks and private lands. What is so extraordinary about this culture that it is still highly valued by professionals and amateurs of gardening?

Characteristic features of the variety

Garden jasmine Virginal in adulthood is a decent-sized shrub up to 3 m high with a lush crown, the diameter of which is almost equal to the “growth”. Many grow the jasmine shrub photo for the sake of spectacular flowering, but even without inflorescences it has a spectacular decorative appearance: in spring and summer, the dense crown is all covered with oval leaves of a dark green color, and with the onset of autumn they change color to yellow.

Virginal is fast growing: annual growth is 25 cm, and with proper care, even more.

jasmine flowers From mid to late summer, large and loose brushes bloom among the foliage. Each contains up to 9 large, snow-white and double flowers. They exude a delicate aroma that surprisingly combines the sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of an orange..

The variety is characterized by good winter hardiness. In addition, if the shoots suffer in a particularly cold and little snowy winter, this will hardly affect the appearance of the bush, since it quickly recovers..

Growing featuresjasmine virginal

In order to maintain abundant flowering, for jasmine it is necessary to find the brightest and warmest place on the site, to which drafts do not reach. In the shaded corners, the bush will also take root, and will even grow, but it will not please with large fragrant flowers.

In general, the care for Virginal is the same as for the rest of the varieties of garden jasmine, namely:

  1. Regular watering.
  2. Spring feeding with mineral complexes.
  3. Pruning after flowering to stimulate new flower buds for the next season.

Periodic rejuvenating haircut will help to keep the neat look of the shrub: it is recommended to completely cut out the old branches every 4 years. In this way, thickening of the crown can also be avoided, which will negatively affect flowering (there will be fewer buds, and they grind).

Video about the intricacies of growing garden jasmine

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