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Young apricot does not bloom: why and what to do

Tell me why apricot does not bloom at the age of 3? After planting, the seedling took root successfully, develops well, has grown many young branches. In the spring I looked at him almost every day, thought that pests were eating the flowers, but I did not find any insects. What could be the reason for the lack of flowering?

young apricot does not bloom Fruit trees, including apricots, are grown not only to create shade in the hot, sunny summer. The main task of the tree is to give the gardener a tasty and abundant harvest of fragrant fruits. To do this, it must first bloom, but often flowering is late. Most horticultural crops form flower buds from the third year of life. Why a young three-year-old apricot does not bloom and how to help it enter fruiting?

There may be several reasons for the lack of flowering:

  • weather;
  • poorly chosen landing site;
  • overfeeding with fertilizers;
  • the presence of diseases;
  • varietal characteristics.

The vagaries of natureapricot under the snow

As you know, apricots are one of the most thermophilic crops, in addition, they are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Severe winter frosts can “kill” flower buds, so there is nothing to bloom in the spring. Also, freezing and further death of the kidneys also occurs when, after a long autumn, winter comes abruptly..

When buying seedlings, you must carefully consider their choice and give preference to those varieties that are suitable for a particular region. Heat-loving southern apricots will never flower and bear fruit in cold northern or central climates..

Planting and grooming errorsyoung apricot

Apricots love not only warmth, but also good lighting. If you plant a tree in deep shade, it simply will not have the strength to bloom, as it will fight for survival, pulling branches in search of the sun.

To grow apricots, it is worth taking a sunny place on a site protected from drafts, where water does not stagnate.

Over-caring for the garden can also be the reason for the lack of flowering, especially when it comes to top dressing. It is worth applying fertilizers in moderation, avoiding a large amount of nitrogen-containing preparations. They stimulate the growth of branches and leaves, then the apricot begins to “fatten” and forgets about flowering.

In order for an overfed tree to “come to its senses”, it should be left without feeding for one season..

Diseases and varietal features of the treegum flow of apricot

Some apricot varieties mature very late. It would be wrong and completely vain to expect an early harvest from a species that begins to bear fruit only from the sixth (or even from the eighth) year of life. Therefore, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the variety when buying.

Problems with flowering also occur if a tree has a disease such as gum flow. In this case, after the apricot is cured, its ability to bear fruit is restored..

Possible reasons for the lack of flowering and fruiting of apricot – video

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