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Charming hair venus – home care for an unpretentious fern

What does hair venus love, does home care for this flower differ from growing other indoor plants? I bought a young bush in the market, from my grandmother’s hands, so I have no information about it. I put it on the north window, so far everything is fine, but I’m afraid that in winter there will be little light for him there. Or does the flower like this kind of lighting?

venus hair care at home Did you think that ferns only grow in the garden? Then try to buy yourself a venereum of hair, which will not oblige you to take care of it at home. Like all ferns, this variety belongs to plants that do not need good lighting. Moreover, too bright a place in the room only harms the maidenhair, as the culture is also called. Because of this, its main advantage, lacy foliage, begins to dry out. And then, instead of a lush bush with a thick head of numerous shoots, a bunch of naked petioles remains. But if you take into account everything that the openwork fern loves, then it is quite possible to maintain its decorative effect and prevent this.

Conditions for growing adiantums

conditions of keeping adiantums They feel good in the house, and even better in greenhouses, because the hair Venus loves moderate temperature and high humidity..

But with what there will be no problems, it is with lighting. The maidenhair can be safely placed on the north window. Penumbra for this flower is exactly what you need. Direct rays are very dangerous because they dry out and burn the aerial part. As well as the heat, which the hair Venus tolerates very badly. In the summer, keep it comfortable for him with a temperature of no higher than 22 ° C warm. At the end of autumn, the fern retires for the whole winter and prefers to spend it cool, at a maximum of + 15 ° С.

Ferns, including maidenhair, do not tolerate heavy and polluted air. Therefore, they have no place in the kitchen and in rooms where they smoke. Otherwise, the bushes will wither and may even completely die..

And one more most important rule for growing adiantums is high air humidity. All ferns are in dire need of it, so do not forget to regularly spray the bush or install a humidifier. The exception is cool content. Humidity is usually higher at lower temperatures. Therefore, during the rest period, you should not additionally increase it, so as not to harm.

Venus hair – home care

watering the maidenhair through the palletSo, the place for the flower has been selected, now you can begin to surround it with care. But do not overdo it, maidenhair will more easily tolerate a lack of attention than an excess of attention..

Simple care for a fluffy bush consists of simple procedures:

  1. Water in a timely manner, do not allow the soil to dry out. To prevent decay of the roots, watering through the pallet, both in summer and in winter.
  2. In the summer, have frequent bathing or spraying. So you humidify the air, and wash off the dust from the leaves, and Venus does not like her hair.
  3. During the period of active growth, from mid-spring to early autumn, feed with mineral complexes. One application per month is enough, while it is better to use liquid complexes for ferns. Preparations for ornamental deciduous plants are also suitable, only reduce the dose of the working solution by 2 times.

reproduction of venereal hairThe maidenhair does not need formative pruning. Just cut out branches that dry out or turn yellow and the bush will produce new ones. Since the hair venus grows not very quickly, it is enough to transplant it every 3 years. Do not forget that he does not like very spacious pots, because the earth often rots in them. The maidenhair reproduces most often by dividing the bush, which you can do when transplanting an adult plant.

How to grow and care for venus hair

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