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Woolly scum – planting and caring for a decorative perennial

Can you tell me where the woolly scum would grow better, planting and caring for this plant? I bought a delenka at the market from my grandmother, but forgot to ask if it was possible to plant it in the shade. I just have free space in the flower bed, but there is a tree growing nearby and in the afternoon its crown blocks the sun for the flowers. Will the purist take root there or is it better to look for a lighter place?

clean woolly fit and care Its rather large shaggy leaves look gorgeous on the flower bed and stand out among the flowers with their thick silvery down. One of the frequent inhabitants of the alpine slides is the woolly chisel, planting and caring for which is simple. It has no special soil requirements. Moreover, it is the stony soil that is perfect for the plant. Once sowing an unpretentious perennial, you will admire lush rosettes for many years. It also blooms charmingly, which only adds a touching touch to the overall look..

Woolly chisel – planting and care

stachis byzantine Originally from the family of Yaznotkovy, the chalet is a perennial. Under natural conditions, it grows in warm southern regions, because it does not tolerate low temperatures. But if you cover the bushes for the winter, it is quite possible to grow a crop in a more severe climate..

Erect, branchy stems are collected in a lush rosette and can reach a height of 60 cm, depending on the variety. The main advantage of the chalet is the oblong leaves. They are colored dark green. But from above, they are completely covered with dense tomentose pubescence, reminiscent of wool. For this, the flower got its name. From the end of spring and all summer, the bushes bloom. They have whorled inflorescences with small pink flowers collected in a false ear.

The flower is also known as Byzantine stachis, and the people called it “sheep’s ears”. Indeed, the velvet soft leaves are very similar to the ears of this animal..

Where and how to plant

bloom bloomAt home, the purse multiplies by seeds, and they germinate well and quickly. They can be sown in two ways, depending on the growing region:

  1. In the south, seeds are sown directly to a flower bed in early spring or before winter. In this case, it is not necessary to make beds – you can simply scatter small seeds over the dug soil.
  2. In the middle lane, where spring comes late and summer is short, it is more appropriate to first grow seedlings. Sowing can be done in early March or even late February. Seedlings are planted on the flowerbed in early May, when frosts pass..

When the purse grows, in three years it will already be possible to divide the bush and plant it. And if necessary, the flower can still be propagated by cuttings, rooting them all summer.

How to care

cleaver woolly planting and care in the gardenFor sheep ears, not very fertile land is needed, better stony or loam. Otherwise, they will lose their characteristic fluff and will be just green. It is better to plant bushes in a well-lit area or with diffused lighting..

During the growing season, the purse needs the following care:

  1. Moderate watering. The plant will better tolerate drought, but not an excess of moisture.
  2. Weeding weeds, especially so they don’t choke off young outlets.
  3. Top dressing once a year with chicken droppings and saltpeter. It’ll be enough.
  4. Pruning faded inflorescences and wilted leaves so that they do not spoil the appearance. Some growers cut the buds altogether, preventing them from opening..

As for wintering, in the south, the Chisinau is going through it perfectly. If the winters are harsh, the plants must be covered with spruce branches. And one more nuance: perennial leaves do not shed for the winter, but by spring they are withered and sagging. If you cut off the shoots in the fall, in the spring it will grow many new.

Cultivation of a chisel in the open field

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