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How to plant astilba in spring

Last year, while visiting a friend, I saw a beautiful white astilba. In general, I really love perennials, especially flowering ones, so I decided to have such a miracle for myself. Tell me how to plant astilba in spring?

astilba Astilba can be found in flower beds quite often, because this unpretentious perennial from the Kamnelomkovy family has a very beautiful appearance due to the amazing shape of carved green leaves with a red tint and a jagged edge. And when its lush inflorescences, consisting of small flowers of various colors, bloom, the plant serves as an adornment of the site all summer. At the same time, some varieties are capable of reaching up to 2 m in height and look good when planted along a fence or in the background..

It is not difficult to grow astilbe, because the plant does not require special conditions for growth and care. It is enough to choose the right habitat for it, and soon the perennial will begin to actively grow roots and green mass.

It is noteworthy that the plant annually forms new buds in the upper part of the root system, while the lower one dies off.

You can plant astilba in the spring in two ways, using:

  • seedlings;
  • dividing a bush.

Seedling method

astilbe seedlings

In the month of March, pour a nutrient substrate into the container and put a thin layer of snow on it. Scatter seeds on top of the snow. When it melts, cover the container with a bag and place in a cold place for 20 days, and then transfer to a warm, bright room..

When growing astilba (photo) with seeds, the resulting plants do not always retain varietal characteristics..

After the appearance of 3 true leaves, dive the seedlings into separate cups. They can be planted in a permanent place in May..

Planting the astilba parcels

dividing a bush

The division of the bush should be carried out in early spring, as soon as the soil warms up a little. In March, dig up the existing plant and cut the leaves on it. Divide the bush itself into parts, leaving at least 3 live buds on each.

Remove the parts of the rhizome that are dead.

Where is it better to plant astilba?

For a beautiful perennial, it is recommended to take a place in partial shade, since the plant quickly fades in the sun. It is advisable to fertilize the site and add organic matter for digging.

It is necessary to plant astilba in the holes, leaving a distance between them of at least 30 cm.For tall specimens, more space will be needed – up to 50 cm.Immediately before planting, add wood ash (0.5 tbsp.) And mineral complex fertilizers (1 tbsp.) To each hole. l.).

After planting, the bushes should be covered with mulch – it will help moisture stay in the ground longer, besides, it will reliably protect Astilba from frost during wintering.

Growing astilba – video

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