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An unpretentious flower for a shady garden – loosestrife, planting and care, photo

In what place, in the sun or in the shade, does the loosestrife grow better, planting and care, can you see a photo of its flowering? In the spring, she sowed seeds for seedlings, but never planted them on a flower bed. In the spring I missed the moment, because for a long time there was no opportunity to go to the dacha. And in the summer it was so hot that I was just afraid, left the bushes in pots, especially since no more than a dozen rose. This year they have not bloomed with me, probably young ones yet. I want to transplant them to a permanent place, especially since I am still living at my dacha on vacation, I will help to settle down, I will water. All the same, there is nowhere to put the pots for the winter. Where is it better to plant it, and whether it is necessary to cover it before wintering?

loosestrife planting and care photos Around the middle of summer, it will delight you with abundant and long flowering, in turn revealing its delicate bell flowers. Beautiful, unpretentious and frost-resistant – all this is a loosestrife, planting and care (photo will be in the article) for which are as simple as possible. A comfortable place with ample soil moisture and watering control during dry periods is all he needs. Verbeinik can rightfully be called one of the most unpretentious plants. It is able to grow in any climatic conditions, both in the south and in the northern regions..

Verbeinik – planting and care, photo

loosestrife variegated The plant belongs to the primroses family and has more than a hundred varieties. We grow mainly perennial varieties, because they are the most persistent. Among them there are both erect and creeping species. Most elegant yellow loosestrife, but there are also varieties with white and pink flowers.

The most popular loosestrife used in landscape design: monotonous, common, spot, lily of the valley.

The correct planting site is the key to the annual flowering of the loosestrife

where to plant loosestrifeMost species prefer semi-shaded places, and some even feel good in the shade. But there are also light-loving loosestrife that needs good lighting, for example, purple. However, regardless of species, all varieties are characterized by one property – they are very fond of moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to plant flowers in wet areas where groundwater is close. And if the soil is also fertile, then this will only facilitate care and eliminate the need to feed the bushes. The only requirement is that the soil should not be clayey. Flowers grow poorly in heavy earth.

Coin, common and brush-colored loosestrife can even be planted directly into the water, on the shore of the reservoir.

Loosestrife can be propagated in two ways:

  • seeds, sowing them on seedlings in spring or directly into the ground before winter;loosestrife seedling
  • dividing the bush in the spring, because they grow quickly.young loosestrife bush

When planting between seedlings or cuttings, a distance of at least 50 cm should be left.

How to care for loosestrife in the garden

Unpretentious bushes grow quickly even without the help of a gardener, especially if they have enough moisture. They need to be watered only during drought, hot summer, when moisture evaporates quickly. Frequent feeding is also not necessary. It is enough to add a little humus to the flowerbed in the fall.

how to care for loosestrifeBut with what troubles can arise, it is with the growth of plants. Looseweed in this sense is almost a weed – in just a couple of years it will creep out of the area allotted for it. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately limit the territory by digging in the old slate, as is the case with raspberries..

As for the wintering of plants, there will be no problems. The loosestrife does not need shelter, anyway, its aboveground part dies off after flowering. So you can immediately cut off the stems of erect varieties in the fall so that they do not spoil the appearance of the flower bed..

Growing an unpretentious loosestrife in the garden

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