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How to grow heuchera in the garden – decorate the site with bright colors

Please tell us how to grow Heuchera in the garden? A friend bought a very beautiful variety with purple leaves, and I begged her for a cutting. Where is the best place to plant a plant and how to care for it? And I would also like to know how it will overwinter in the central lane.?

how to grow heuchera in the garden If some plants delight with abundant and gorgeous flowering, then Heuchera will surprise you with a bright and varied leaf color. Perhaps, not a single garden flower can compare with her in this. However, in order for the bushes to reach their full potential, it is worth knowing how to grow Heuchera in the garden. The color saturation of the leaf plates depends on where it is planted and how much light it receives. In addition, with good care, you can achieve flowering heuchera. Although, in comparison with the decorativeness of foliage, small flowers lose, they complement the general appearance of the plant..

What will delight the garden geyhera

geyhera To begin with, this is an evergreen perennial that does not shed its aerial part even in winter. This representative of the saxifrage family is distinguished by an unpretentious and stable character. In nature, in the native North American expanses, lush variegated bushes grow among the rocks. In our country, Heuchera was first grown as a balcony plant, but gradually it became firmly rooted in the gardens..

The perennial has compact forms and does not exceed 45 cm in height. The rounded leaves cut along the edge on long petioles form a lush and dense rosette. They can be of a wide variety of colors, from standard green to red and even purple. There are also fancifully patterned varieties. If the plant is comfortable, in late spring it blooms, releasing paniculate inflorescences with very small bells. But still, decorative leaves remain the main decoration of Heuchera..

There are varieties of Heuchera that change color or are distinguished by a wrinkled structure of the leaf plate..

Where to plant

Heuchera landingWhen choosing a place, take into account the varietal characteristics, namely, the color of the leaves. Monochromatic Heuchera can grow in shady places, but variegated hybrids need good lighting. With a lack of light, they turn green, but in an open place, under the scorching rays, they can wither, especially if you skip watering. Therefore, try to take a flowerbed, illuminated and slightly darkened from the midday sun, to the Heychera..

The unpretentious perennial has no special requirements regarding the soil, because it survives among the stones. The main thing is that it is not acidic and clayey (dense), and moisture should not stagnate in this place..

With a modest height, the rosette grows wide enough, so do not part with landings. There should be no more than 12 plants per 1 m², while leaving the distance between the bushes about 20 cm.

How to grow Heuchera in the garden – the subtleties of caring for a perennial

flowering heucheraA perennial can be propagated by seeds for seedlings or vegetatively. The first method will not suit you if it is important to preserve varietal characteristics. They are not transmitted through the seeds, so it is better to root the cuttings or divide the old bush.

When caring for a garden geyhera, do not forget the most important thing – it is not demanding, but it is moisture-loving. So water your bushes regularly.. In addition, pay attention to the following points:

  • loosening the soil;
  • dressing, but not earlier than 2 years of age, using mineral complexes;
  • mulching the base of the outlet, which is pulled out and exposed at the bottom during the season.

Heuchera hibernates well, together with foliage, and does not need shelter. But in early spring, the outlet can burn out in the bright sun. Therefore, until the soil warms up, it is advisable to cover the flower bed with non-woven material until May.

Where and how to plant Heuchera in the garden – video

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